♺ No Way Am I Gay - Set 1

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Bo Lawson is a soccer dad who acts as a personal trainer at nights. His wife works days, and by Bo's own admission, she "brings home most of the bacon". Bo doesn't really mind it all that much, but from time to time Bo would like his own money. His #1 problem is his night gig: with this economy gone south, there's not a lot of work for Bo, so he answered our ad. Honestly, we didn't want to hire him at first, but he's such a dad! He's got that Dad-Next-Door look, so we thought what the fuck, and we gave him a shot. We really ended up liking Bo, and this scene, and we know you will, too! Especially when he blows a big ol' Daddy Load into his hand!

Frankie Frowns is here today to work his tool on your job. You've given him the task, and it's his job to finish it up. He brought all his tools along, and they're hard and tough. The one we all like best is the one he whips out from inside his shorts. It's hard, alright, and it's ready to work you over until it explodes. One problem: Frankie isn't gay, so the best you're gonna get is a hot stroke session. Don't be offended if Frankie's a little pissed...or if he humiliates you a bit. See, Frankie needs cash, and he'd rather be fucking girls for it. But this is the best he can do. He musters up a nice pop shot at the end, though, and to top it off, Frankie made an extra $50 by eating it. But No Way Is Frankie Gay!

If you surf straight porn sites, you'll probably recognize this week's straight boy JO hero Kris Slater. I'll refer to him as a "hero" cause, quite frankly, I've never seen anyone blow a load like this cat does. My goodness. First let me tell you Kris talks directly to you and teases you with his sweet ass and nice hard dick. He strokes it and teases you and pulls and pulls and pulls on his beautiful cock until it erupts across the room. Now...I know what you're thinking: "erupts across the room" is something of a metaphor. Maybe an exaggeration. You know how porno sites love to stretch the truth. Well, we don't do that here, and when I tell you he busted across the room, well...just roll tape and watch for yourself. It's an amazing load toss; hence, Kris Slater is now my JO Hero.

Kyle Foxx is super hot. I dunno if I'm attracted to his boy-ish good looks, his 6 foot slender frame, or his juicy cock. I think I'll go for all three. He's barely-legal, and he goes to a local community college. He likes to skateboard and play with his PSP. He also loves playing with his 8 inch dick, especially when there aren't any women around. He's quite the ladies' man on campus, and according to Kyle's pre-shot interview, "there's nothing better that the taste of pussy." I asked him about the taste of another man's cum, and that was a big mistake. He almost walked out of the studio for good. But he was broke, and broke boys do desperate things they sometimes come to regret, like jerking off for internet web sites, and tasting their own cum when it's all said and done. Sure, we paid him more for it, but anytime we can get a straight guy to eat his own jizz, we consider it an investment...and a good one at that.

Tim makes no bones about it. He knows what he's been hired to do. No pussyfootin' around, so to speak. He's a straight guy, and he's jerking for cash. Oh, and guess what? He's no stranger to teasing guys with his straight 7 1/2 inch cock. Which means to say he's done this before. Tim's also a personal trainer, but when the cash gets tights, he's stripping and jacking. He works the ladies at his gym, and he's a player...which means he's got a girlfriend, too. Anyways, he drops his drawers almost immediately and works his big dick up. Note how his toes curls, as well as how much he likes to pull his nipples while stroking off. He cups his balls, too. And in the end, Time unloads with one of the most spectacular cum shots we've ever caught on tape. Six or seven streams blast straight up into the air...so if you're a fan of the money shot, you're going to flip over this one. Enjoy!

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