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2SCM 6th Anniversary - Misc Files
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From the Studio:
It's been a rough year in Las Vegas. The bevy of models who I assumed would be knocking down our door has not yet come despite our spending over $100,000.00 to get the message out, and the "Vegas Mistress" has seduced and spit out every SCM regular model here. Dean and Rocky shirked loyalty and tens of thousands in debt and became whores, Caleb's currently in jail, and Ashton got addicted to drugs. It's been rough.

So considering all that, I figured an anniversary shoot was out of the question. I mean, who would be in it?

And then our model fishing expedition got a nibble... via social networking. A group of guys came in from our new recruitment efforts, and a couple of them auditioned. They, in turn, told some of their friends, and some of their friends told someone else, and so forth, until we had a group of five buddies who I thought could be the new class at SCM, or more accurately, at StraightHighSchoolMen.com.

I was shooting them each as their schedules allowed, guiding them along the path to SCM superstardom, then I thought, "Why not do an anniversary shoot now with all five of them together?"

But before a big expensive trip, I needed to test the waters. I'd shot several videos with Rhett, a few with Nathan, and a couple each with Morris, Cole, and Kevin, but still no one had even had a dick in his mouth. The anniversary shoot would be "comparatively intense": I had to test the waters first.

And so, I called the guys up and had them come in this past Thursday night. I knew we'd need the three day weekend of Veteran's Day for the anniversary shoot as Rhett and Nathan are still in high school, but I also knew I had to see how agreeable they'd all be to doing "not so straight things."�

Before I get to how this "6th Anniversary Appetizer" shoot went, though, let me introduce the guys since this'll be the first time you've seen a few of them.

Morris is on the left; he graduated high school earlier this year.

Cole is next; he graduated high school earlier this year.

Kevin is in the middle; he graduated high school earlier this year.

Rhett is next to the right end; he's still in high school.

Nathan is on the end; he's still in high school.

I started the video with the five of them on the couch.

"The three of you guys on the left have come before together and then you two have come before together, but like, but you guys all know each other 'cause you all went to the same high school."

"Unfortunately, yeah," Kevin responded back.

"Did you go to the same high school?" I clarified with Cole.
"No, I went to a different one," he replied.
"So he's, he's the oddball out, but..." I continued, and Rhett jumped in with, "Yeah, I never met that kid in my life."

His deadpan delivery had me wondering, but having gotten to know Rhett in the past couple of months and seeing the way the others laughed, I'm pretty sure he was joking.

Rhett went on, "I used to be best friends with ____." I knew that was true as he'd told me that a few days earlier.

I corrected Rhett's misspeak of Morris's real life name, though.

"Yeah, with 'Morris,' so..."

"Yeah, 'Morris,' and ____ ____," he continued his humor with Kevin's full real name.

They all laughed, and Kevin chuckled back, "you're an idiot, dude! Why would you even say that? I'm gonna punch your face."

"I'm just kidding. They edit it out."

"Yeah, we'll take it out. Don't worry."

"It just causes more work for him, though, idiot."

The real life friendship they had was already evidencing itself, and I continued telling them about my idea for an anniversary shoot.

"So whenever I was telling you guys about what's to come and all that and the other, I told you about The Castle and The Island and Hawaii."

"And uh, well, we're gonna call this, this video the '6th Anniversary Appetizer' because next week we're taking you guys all on an adventure. So uh, so you guys will be competing for cash and prizes valued at over twenty-five thousand dollars..."

Cole's head fell back in disbelief.

Yep, twenty-five thousand dollars!

They were all incredulous, but I continued revealing a bit more about what was to come. Then I went back to the shoot at hand.

"But first I'm gonna introduce you to everybody..."
Starting on the left end, Morris held up his card and said,
"I'm Morris. I graduated in 2007."
"Yeah, from high school, you graduated from h..." I went on to make sure it was clear.
"Right, from high school. _______ High."

"No, don't say the high school," Kevin interjected, worried that their high school had just been identified to the world as the others laughed.

"Yeah, well, ok, he named the High," I laughed back.

The guys continued down the line adding their own little jokes which mimicked Morris as they introduced themselves.

The individual personalities were fast becoming apparent, and the fact that they're real life friends gave the video an instant intense sense of camaraderie that took a while to build with the SCM guys before. To put it mildly, it was awesome.

"So, today, what the plan is, what it's going to be is like a giant circle jerk."
"Oh, ha ha..." Morris laughed in a sort of disbelief.
"Yeah, and then I'll explain it a little more to you off camera, but basically it's a circle jerk but you're trying to be the best performer so, you know, if you feel inclined to like give your friend a hand or a nibble on the neck or whatever just to like..."

Rhett responded by putting his arm around Nathan, and Nathan moved in closer for the hug.

"Uh oh, they're already kicking it up over there..."

Cole then put his arms around Kevin and Morris, and Kevin scooted in closer for that hug.

"Ohh, the threesome..."

A few seconds later, I told the guys that I had to get the other camera set up, and well, next thing ya know...

"Now you guys go ahead and get naked..."

Real straight guys.
Real intense camaraderie.

Four eighteen year olds and one nineteen year old.
Two high school seniors and three who graduated earlier this year.
There's a whole new class at StraightCollegeMen.com.
You wanna enroll?

Damn. I LOVE my real-life-high-school-friends-jerking-each-other JOB! 

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