CAUSA - Rhys Parts 1 & 2

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DescriptionCAUSA 506 Rhys - Part 1

Another big, bad birthday is here today, so I'll quickly focus on this first half of new guy Rhys' video & expand upon my observations in the second half.
Quite regularly, I receive requests from guys who are interested in shooting a CAUSA video, but they want their faces completely obscured. As I say to them & I've always said, 95% of eroticism is visible & audible demonstrations of one's pleasure given involuntarily through facial expressions & moans & groans & gasps & whimpers. Without those elements in addition to rubbing & tugging, a cock is a cock is a cock.
Rhys is the perfect example of this truth.
While most guys who self identify as straight may be playing with toys during their personal time, the majority, I have found, don't really understand that's there's more to it than just just in & out with whatever instrument they've chosen. Most don't know to point it up toward the inner wall between the ass & the balls to apply direct pressure to their prostate.
Having seen Rhys on his webcam on AdultFriendFinder, he was also one of those guys.
I say "was" because I've now introduced Rhys to his prostate, and I'm confident that his sex life will never be the same. Circling back to his facial expressions, WOW! From his eyes having repeated Linda Blair moments to several times when the pleasure was so intense it looked like their could be tears, Rhys' sexperience ran the gamut. Amazing to witness!

CAUSA 507 Rhys - Part 2

Once I got Rhys flipped over and the rubbing & tugging began, as has been true of many of the guys who've graced the CAUSA massage table, Rhys' eyes were doing their best Linda Blair impression. At one point, I had to pause when I realized that he had chewing gum in his mouth, and it looked like he might choke on it. ??
And yes, you'll see Rhys getting a little frisky with me. Alas, what the guys & you all don't know is that I am bound like a pair of Chinese feet due to the fact that I'm always wearing a compression suit under my Tommy Bahama silks. So, although the reach-around is appreciated, it is for naught. ??
Additionally, a new lesson was learned through Rhys' sexperience that I've previously encountered both on & off camera. Some guys who are new to direct prostate stimulation don't know how to process that intense pleasure. Their brains go into lockdown & can't figure out how to multi-task - meaning it's either stimulate the prostate or stimulate the cock. When the two are done simultaneously, the brain pushes back (in my best HAL voice), "I'm sorry, Casey; I'm afraid I can't do that." LOL
As a result & in the moment that I was milking Rhys' prostate with my left hand, stroking his cock with my right hand, and Rhys' eyes are rolling all the way back into the top of his head, I wanted to yell, "Your balls are in your throat! Cum already!"
So, that's when I had to take a break & re-approach how I would bring Rhys to ejaculation & orgasm.
It's not too often that I choose oral for that avenue, but having seen & heard Rhys' reactions to that previously, I believed that was the best avenue to get him there. BINGO!

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