ColbysCrew - The French Exchange Student - Part 1 - Colby Jansen & Kevin David

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1. ColbysCrew - The French Exchange Student - Part 1 - Colby Jansen & Kevin David.mp4
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Description - Launching a new site requires a lot of work and commitment. And Colby has been putting much effort into building it from scratch, focusing this day on finding hot new talent. While he's reviewing the site's application procedure, sexy French exchange student, Kevin David, bursts into his room. Kevin is Colby's new roommate, he's strapped for cash and looking for ways to boost his income while stateside. Seeking advice from his housemate, Colby tells Kevin about his porn work and its lucrative opportunities. Ever the great guy, Colby even offers to help Kevin apply. Although initially hesitate about the idea - or is it the language barrier that makes him seem uneasy and not so sure what to say - this horny Frenchman throws caution to the wind and seizes on the opportunity with giddy willingness. While Kevin cozies up alongside our burly stud on the bed to fill out the application, Colby shows him the form and tells him that he'll need to provide some naked pics. Kevin, still somewhat feeling awkward, responds by telling Colby he has no naked pics of himself. With his handy cell phone within grasp, Colby offers to take a few then and there. Kevin stands and poses, peeling off layers of clothing as instructed. When Colby asks him to strike a boner, he seems a little bashful. Colby, always the benevolent older brother-like figure, offers to help his anxious young French newbie. With his masterful tongue and throat action, he gets his apprentice rock hard and ready. Taking a few more pics of Kevin with his sizable uncut tool, Colby can't help himself and clamors for Kevin's hot round butt. By now, Kevin appears all too comfortable, ready and willing. He heads back to the bed and there shows Colby how good of a cock sucker French guys can be, then he surrenders to Colby's talented rim job and penetrating finger-fucking. Kevin moans and quivers with anticipation and, before long, our seasoned jock plugs his hole. Pounding with passion and a bone stiff cock, Colby's boy-toy takes it up the ass from all sides. He's definitely enjoying the ass fucking he's getting and feverishly strokes his hefty cock. Colby then moves his boy on his back and starts to jack off over his face. Kevin is first to pop his seed, spreading his load over his stomach and very hard shaft, then curling his cum-covered foreskin up to his dick head. Hot! Seeing this pushes Colby over the edge as he spews his own jizz all over his boy's face, letting it drip on those luscious French lips and then spreading it around with his cock head. Clearly, Colby has elevated the job of casting talent to a science!                       

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