Chris Steele and Jason Land

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DescriptionChris descends the stairs to where Jason is being kept and promises that if he doesn't beg for more after Chris has his way with him, he will let him go. They kiss for a while, Chris so ultra-manly and overpowering. Jason starts off by blowing Chris' wanker, not at all even trying to pretend he doesn't want to be doing so. Chris is great with his teasing, clearly in charge of what Jason gets to do, but Jason is an excellent blower and soon enough Chris lets him take over. There is some ensuing 69 action where Jason shows no let-up in style and Chris gets to pluck away at Jason's perfect bubble-butt. Chris spits into the ass and chases it with his tongue, intense as hell, as Jason bleats, "suck my ass, Trucker!" Jason then sits on Chris' face and jacks off while Chris tongue-fucks his ass. It seems Chris can't get enough of his tasty ass and continues with Jason sitting in a chair, where Chris adds some blowing to the mix. Chris had promised Jason a "nice and slow" fuck, and he actually delivers, bringing down the power level to a soothing fuck, but only at first. Soon enough, Chris is taking him with maximum force, but Jason isn't complaining at all. His butt seems to have been made just to fit Chris' cock and they fuck in every position, the two of them insatiably playing their sexual parts to the hilt. Late in the scene, Jason goes to sit down on Chris' cock and the ease at which he fits it all in, combined with the sheer speed, is an easy highlight to an already wowing scene. Jason bobs spectacularly and then Chris gets in one last missionary fuck, which results in Jason cumming, followed buy a juicy shot from Chris. I don't think I'm ruining a surprise by telling you Jason wants to stay. "I told you," Chris says confidently.

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