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Arjun - Unemployed:

Arjun arrived for the audition already thinking he is too good to be doing porn. His aim is to be a fashion model walking the catwalks with the cameras flashing all around him. I thought it was time this conceited twat got a reality check by making him strip off and letting him know that he’s here for my pleasure. Instead of putting him on a pedestal I want him bending over and showing me his hole like a horny bitch. Don’t miss the last video because when it came to the cum shot I got up close and personal so his creamy semen splashed all over me when he ejaculated.

What is it that makes straight dickheads so afraid of getting anything up their asses? Arjun seems truly baffled why anyone would want to do this to him. The answer is simple: for the same reason that he wants to do it to a woman. It’s typical that selfish morons like Arjun don’t think about anyone’s pleasure but his own.

Here’s where the big dope learns that modelling isn’t all champagne and after-parties. It’s work! I make him really earn his chance at getting in the porn industry by making him show it all to me. Having another man so close up and intimately examining his genitals is uncomfortable, but Arjun does his best to keep his cool because he doesn’t want to look like a loser that can’t take it.

Arjun wanted to pretend that he was with a buxom blonde, but I crawled right up between his legs while he mercilessly whacked his aching boner. The experience for him was almost too embarrassing and real. So I think he took pleasure in angrily emptying his balls onto right onto me!

Francois - Gardener:

Poor Francois can’t speak English very well and this only adds to the fact he looks like a big dumb bozo. It’s almost too easy with a guy this stupid. Offer a bundle of cash and he leans over to spread his ass. Dangle some girl on girl porn at him and his cock shoots up for me to leer at with the camera. I would have paid a big sum to sit watching his massive sack jangle in front of my face while I filmed him jerking off, but as it is I get it for nothing. Damn it feels good taking advantage of these straight morons.

He really has no clue. It wouldn’t be hard to dupe this poor sod into agreeing to get spanked and gang fucked by a group of soldiers. All I’d have to do is present him with a pile of cash and tell him to sign on the dotted line. Before he knew what was happening, he’d be pinned to the ground with a cock in every hole crying for his mère.

Francois don like showing da ass. Francois must show da ass or he not get to see girlie girlie fun, no? Bend over Francois!

Hearing Francois moan excitedly near his ejaculation, I rushed in for a close up too quickly and nearly fell face first into his lap. What a happy accident that would have been! You’ve got to love that boyish grin of pride he gives sitting there with a fistful of cum.

Johnny - Administration:

Here’s someone sure to please anyone with a hairy Middle Eastern boy fetish. What guys like Johnny don’t realize is that the interview section of the audition is quite crucial. The man’s answers play a big factor in determining whether I’ll use him in any videos or not. Sure, looks are important. But a hot macho guy that will ONLY screw beautiful babes isn’t much use to me. I usually make my mind up whether I’m going to use them or not before anything comes off. It’s my way of getting business aside so I can enjoy their naked body for myself. If I’ve decided I’ll never call the guy again in the beginning it’s all the better. I can take massive pleasure in knowing the sucker won’t get any work - even while the hopeful innocent is spreading his virgin ass for me.

This guy’s list of things he can do sexually is very limited. He doesn’t understand that every time he says no to something it’s like throwing away a big bag of the easiest money he’ll ever make. What a fool! But it’s his loss. There’s an endless stream of penniless young macho guys at the door who will grab at that sack of gold (even if it means compromising their sexual limits).

Johnny didn’t think he’d have to show his body off this much in the audition. I don’t know why he thinks we’d hire him for a porn shoot if we have no idea what he looks like naked. Notice how he shakes his head when first pulling his ass open. The boy has no clue how he got himself into this, but there’s no going back now!

Johnny is one lazy bastard. He acts like he’s too tired to wank, but I think he just didn’t want to do it with only another guy watching. He was strictly told that there would be absolutely no work unless he could produce sperm on command. I finally make him shoot a big creamy load of it.

Jonas - Unemployed:

Living in the UK, I don't often see the blown up muscular lads which parade through the majority of American porn. Men here, on the whole, are lazier and the few incredibly fit ones aren't interested in making porn. Now and then I get hungry for a big, dumb, muscular jock in the flesh. So I was happy when this hunk piece of meat swaggered into my office.

Jonas recently moved here and is looking to earn some quick money. He used to really be into weight training and sports but says that he's got bored of them now. This could be the last time anyone ever sees this body in pristine muscular condition. It's worth taking a good long look at the photo study of this well built lad and whatever you do don't miss the spectacular come shot!

I was struck by what a contrast there is between Jonas' sweet face to the huge, muscular body I saw in the photograph he sent in to me. He gave the impression of an excited boy about to be let into a candy store grinning constantly and bashfully looking down when I mentioned sex. He's ready to do anything to start having sex with beautiful women on camera.

This was the part I was aching to get to in the interview: total access to this gorgeous stud who is stripping on camera for the first time! He had that straight lad's oblivious attitude about his body. Like he had no idea how much I was getting off focusing close up to his most private parts. Why would any guy like doing that to another guy, right?

Jonas hardly needed to pose. I reckon that any way you position his body he'll look fantastic. All the same, my favourite is on the table, with hand parting his big muscular ass cheeks!

Jonas laid in wanking himself off with the concentrated determination of a pro-athlete. No hesitation or embarrassment over being watched clouded his ability to masturbate. Just pure, total pleasure in getting off and an explosive orgasm that won’t easily be forgotten.

Tom - Student:

Tom is a hot manly rugby player with a hairy muscular body and a pert firm arse. He has an irresistibly dopey expression on his face while answering questions in his deep monosyllabic voice. He’s the very embodiment of a hot dumb jock and I’m the lucky bugger who gets to film him fully naked for the very first time. His naked physical inspection video is something I’m going to savour for a long time. If I can keep pushing him to go further Tom is going to be a big porn star.

Something about the way Tom’s dark eyebrows arc up and the way his brow furrows as he answers my questions makes him appear like a big dumb lug to me. Or, at least, that’s how I like to fantasize about him. It’s as if all he was made for is being a warrior on the playing field and an animal in the bedroom.

From the moment Tom starts stripping, I was mesmerized by his masculine sporty body. When he pulls his jeans off I got a glimpse of his cock peeking out of the opening in his pants and I was hooked. Before he came for the interview I instructed him not to shave or trim his body hair, but he had already done so. What you see is the growth that’s occurred in week. I nearly shot a load in my pants as he parted his hairy cheeks to show me that hole when he so recently agreed to let a woman fuck him with a strap-on.

Kneeling before Tom and watching him jerk off with his hard muscular body spread in front of me drove me wild. It’s easy to imagine this stud fucking away for hours, his hips pumping and his ragged breath hot in your ear. He stood up so quickly when he ejaculated it was difficult to capture him completely and I almost got an eyeful of cum. Next time, I’ll have to crack the whip and make sure he stays in place.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

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Johnny - Interview.wmv:  6.71 MB
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Johnny - Wank.wmv:  20.86 MB

Jonas - Interview.wmv:  22.29 MB
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Jonas - Wank.wmv:  28.93 MB

Tom - Interview.wmv:  13.13 MB
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