Bodybuilders Shower Body Worship

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[[ softcore shower scenes ]]

After a muscle worship session, there is nothing like cooling
off and continuing the body appreciation session in the shower.

This hour long video features seventeen shower scenes from various
muscle worship sessions featuring the following pairs of dudes:

JTSloan DonovanCory
PatrickRyan DinoPhillips
ChrisCameron ChipNoll
BillyBrandt Rocky
TalvinDeMachio GregRockwell
MarkMason TroyHillman
BradKing JoeyHart
MikeRoberts JeremyJordan
MikeRoberts Rocky
AdamHart NickSteel
AlexWilcox NickSteel
ScottRandsome SeanDiamond
EricEvans RexTyler
SonnyMarkham EricEvans
TomKatt Stonie
Gauge JeremyJordan
Gauge JoeyJordan

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