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Flex-Deon Blake & Rod Steel. While waiting at the groom�s house before the wedding, Flex-Deon is helping Rod get dressed, when dicks come out and Rod is sucking on Flex-Deon. Then Flex-Deon gets all up in Rod�s butt, fucking him good.

Keith Michaels, Simon Cox & Dennis Lee. Simon and Dennis are busy on the weight bench when Keith shows up and a three-way begins. Keith is hungry for cock. Simon and Dennis have no problem feeding it to him, both shooting their loads all over Keith�s face.

Ty Lattimore & Reese Coleman. Ty is dating Reese, a husband who�s cheating on his wife. They have a sexy encounter with Ty sucking Reese, then both getting into a sixty-nine. Ty�s got a big dick, and he knows how to turn Reese out by stuffing it in his hot, bubble butt.

Bobby Blake & Keith Michaels. Bobby returns home with the runaway groom, Keith. Bobby knows that what Keith really wants is dick, and Bobby�s got a big one for him. Keith sucks it up. But Bobby wants more. Bobby fucks Keith in three positions before they both blow their loads together.
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