My Straight Buddy - Fun at Dinks

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DescriptionFun at Dinks Part 1

So one of my best friends in the world and one of the greatest marines you could know finally turned 21, which made a lot of people very happy. Yes, just because now our buddy Bear can go out to bars with us. We're easy to please.

We wanted to have a big party with Bear, but not here in ________. So I asked Dink Flamingo of Active Duty (he owns MyStraightBuddy) if we could have it at his place in San Diego; although I had to warn him, "it might get a little bit wild." Dink immediately replied, "Fuck yeah, bring it on!!"

When my buddies and arrived, there was cold beer in the fridge, a rack of alcohol that would keep any bar in business for days, and steaks on the grill. Oh yeah, and two delicious girls swimming around naked in the pool. Also, we had brought our beer pong table with us. In other words: Marine Heaven.

Now this video is very different than the other videos on the site: it is guest directed by Dink. Whereas I generally just tape what happens, Dink is a Class 10 instigator. He goes right up to the guys and finds out shit about them that even I didn't know. Then he gets them to take off their shirts. Then he gets them to show off whats under their towels and drop their shorts.

One of my buddies in particular, Styx, is ready to have some fun. Turns out?and even I did not know this?he's an MMA fighter, recruited into a fight team by one of my other buddies, the very buff and all-american looking JC. Your jaw will drop watching these guys show off their tatts, and both of them ended up with their cocks out by the end of the night.

Dink then follows Styx outside and gets him to drop his shorts, and tapes him peeing in the bushes.

Since the party's at Dinks, some of Dink's boys are there, including Fox and Austin who are both very hot and already used to crazy shit at Dink's. They helped lead the way, especially Fox who really stepped up to show Styx the ropes. After a bit of dirty-dancing with Fox, Deanna (one of the girls we had over to spice things up for the guys), and Styx led to Styx dropping his drawers again. Then Fox and Styx started comparing asses and it was all over. Dink ushered them into the poolhouse where Fix could show Styx some of the ropes. It's awesome watching this professional male stripper put Styx through his paces, and Styx took to it like a duck to water. Fox can really shake his ass but Styx makes a good try of it under Fox's expert and hands-on instruction.

Even Dink is inspired to turn his instigating up a notch, and when he finds some leathers in the poolhouse closet it's all over for Styx, and my buddy Scorpius, too (you saw him recently hanging out naked at my house in 'Bros Chillin', but he wasn't Scorpius then because he got that amazing scorpion tattoo the next day, naked on my couch...of if only I could have taped that for you guys). After posing together naked first, Dink gets them to try the leather and chains on, and I have to say that Styx is just a baddass that he actually totally pulls it off.

This is just the first part of this amazing evening, there's more to come. Also, so much happened that weekend that MyStraightBuddy isn't big enough to hold it all. This party was so epic that it's gonna take FOUR sites to hold it all!

Fun at Dinks Part 2

The fun continues in Part Two of Fun at Dinks. After Active Duty's Austin and my boy Scorpius finished fucking the two girls in the hot tub (which action is featured on, the action moved inside to Dink's pool house. You saw a little bit of that in the last update, Fun at Dinks Part One. But now the action outside is over the poolhouse gets crowded with naked guys...some Joe's friends, some Dink's guys, all together for the first time.

It's really difficult to describe all the good goings on in this update. The reason everyone moved inside was because the fucking moved inside, and you'll see a lot of that action in the next update on (SemperFuck, in case you don't know, is straight marines having straight sex but with the action all centered on the guys...if you've ever enjoyed straight porn but wished the camera would get off the girl and concentrate on the guy, then SemperFuck is for you). So this update is all the in-between buddies hanging out chillin' in between fuck sessions.

Austin from Active Duty shows up quite a bit with his midwestern corn-fed body, big dick and awesome side tattoo, as well as Fox who became a favorite in his Dink's Active Duty Warchest updates. Both these dudes are straight, which might not be so obvious here because Austin at one point digs right into Fox's ass with his tongue, but it's a little more obvious on SemperFuck when both these guys pound the shit out of the girls, and I mean like a jack-hammer. Here they show off what cool, laid back fun guys they are, which is a sid of the guys you rarely get to see in a straight-up porn update.

There's also a bunch of my buddies, including Scorpius, Styx, and Fuckmaster, as well as a host of my other buddies who do not get naked but are there for the party and definitely enjoying the show. It's fun to watch al the naked guys run around with their cocks flopping, and the rest of the guys hanging out at what is surely one of the best and craziest parties they've ever been to.
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