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Jekyll and Hyde

Part 1
Mehmet is horny. He dated a boy from a neighboring city. After they met in the train station they walk a bit in the remote park next to the station. What the poor boy doesn't know is that Mehmet is a psychopath. He trusts the friendly guy and even agrees to some bondage games already starting at the park. But when Mehmnent says that he will be back soon the boy slowly started to worry.

The strong guy grabs the balls of his well-tied prisoner and tortures him. He spanks and fondles him as he is pleased. Then he unties the boy and takes him to his private dungeon. Once Mehmet tied him to the wall he gags him and afterwards he starts to suck him. Betrayed by his own body the boy gets a hard-on. To complete the humiliation Mehmet uses a vacuum cleaner.

part 3
The young sex-slave is tied to the wall. He gets deep-throated and spanked. Then his master gags him and starts to torture both cock and balls. He fingers him and finally starts to fuck the helpless boy. First he takes him from behind. The slave moans and groans. Then he takes him to the other room. He pushes him to the sofa and fucks the brain out of the boy's head.

part 4
Mehmet shows his real face right now. The young slave gets fucked on the sofa. His arms and legs are tied together. He has no chance but to surrender to his destiny. After a brutal fuck his master covers the boy's face with his hot cum. But he insist that his slave-boy shows him his enjoyment, too. To finalize his humiliation he wants to see his cum-shot.

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