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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-09-09 |

The Oh Boy Escorts 2 - Apartment
Tyson Cane Videos

Directed By: Tyson Cane
Starring: Felipe Eller, Ariel Serrano, Josph Nash, Tre Xavier, Viper, Carmelo, Jason Tarus, Quincy Scott, J. King, Brian Aguilar

Tyson Cane's Oh Boy Escorts 2 was probably made before The Kronik which placed Mr. Cane in a league with the big boys. Elements of things to come are certainly included here, but the too long orals and script guidelines weakened the overall affect. We have an escort service where the hookers never go out on calls, just fuck around with one another. How do they make money?

Reporter, Ariel Serrano, drops by to get the story behind the service from its owner, Felipe Eller. At the end of the interview, Ariel gives Felipe the "I wanna fuck you" look. Ariel looks like a hot fuck, so Felipe reaches out a welcoming hand. Eller is not only the boss; he's an easy lay too. He allows the stranger to tongue his hole and then fuck the shit out of him.

New escort, Tre Xavier learns the ropes from sexy Josph Nash who "tests" Tre's whoring skills with deep kissing, cocksucking, fingering and finally, all out fucking. Both men are blessed with hard café au lait bodies and manly furry crotches, which look very sexy indeed. This fornication is hot and the camera captures the nasty details. Wow! Both studs are full of hot cum.

In the kitchen, escort Viper is pissed because somebody ate his Twinkies. Carmelo decides to get his mind of that loss by offering the stud some ass. Without the do-rag he wore in other films, Carmelo looks completely different. Kissing morphs into cocksucking (Viper doesn't recip) and a jackhammer fucking all over that kitchen. My word, Viper can really lay that thick pipe!!!

Just four whores sittin' around bullshitting. When they start smooching, the stuff hits the fan. Quincy Scott and J. King's depraved tongue-kissing nearly stops the show. So vulgar  I loved it. They have a four way with Brian Aguilar, who just came in "from work" and Jason Tarus. After a long oral session, Brian and Quincy submit to some major ass plowing. Scott's monster meat is well-sucked, but this excellent top only bottoms here.

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