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Elders Butler, Isaacs and Larsen - After Hours

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DescriptionMormon missionaries are held to very high standards of conduct. They always wear suits when they’re proselyting, they’re clean shaven and have conservative haircuts, and they’re expected to show “quiet dignity” in all their actions.

But since theyÂ’re just boys as young as 18 years old, they fail to live up to these standards all the time. Even in the holy temple, where they are supposed to be totally reverent.

Elders Butler, Larsen and Isaacs have access to the temple because as Larsen is the AP in an area with one of the small new temples. ItÂ’s not uncommon for the APs to use one of the two waiting rooms and foyer area when meeting with visiting groups of bishops, stake presidencies and even zone and district leaders.

Unbeknownst to them, the boys triggered the after hours security system when they entered the temple. Because they didn’t know about it, they also didn’t know to turn it off. Meaning, the security cameras recorded and sent a video alert to President Woodruff‘s phone.

Meanwhile, the empty temple was just a big fun place to goof off. The boys explored a bit, eventually making their way to a beautiful but completely deserted ordinance room. At least, they think itÂ’s an ordinance room. Actually, itÂ’s a private room theyÂ’ve never seen before. They have yet to learn about the secret Mormon temple sex rituals that take place in this very room.

And the later it gets, the more hyper they become. Eventually, they start horsing around. Elder Larsen is walking around in his socks, and he rubs them on the carpet to build up an electrical charge, then chases Elder Isaacs around the room to shock him.

Elder Butler watches, hoping that theyÂ’ll keep the noise down so that they donÂ’t get in trouble. He canÂ’t shake the feeling that theyÂ’re being watched. And he has reason to be anxious. His experiences in the last few weeks tell him that thereÂ’s a lot going on that no one talks about. But itÂ’s ALL he can think about.

What if not just these guys, but all or nearly all the boys in his mission are having sex? And not just that, what if the priesthood leaders donÂ’t just know about it, what if they are the ones recruiting specific boys to this mission and putting them in specific companionships? What if they are orchestrating this whole thing?

Last week President Woodruff didnÂ’t just call them into his office to tell them he knew what they had been up to, he fucked Elder LarsenÂ’s brains out. Instead of getting sent home, the boys left that meeting feeling like they were part of something bigger. Something secret. And this had Elder Butler worried.

Elder Larsen, who’s always down for a little mischief, senses Elder Butler’s discomfort — and leaps on it.

“You’re being awfully quiet,” he says.

“No, I’m good. It’s just funny to be here when the temple is empty.”

“Oh, so you’re not uncomfortable?” Elder Larsen asks, before he and Elder Isaacs doggrel on the smaller boy. Elder Butler fights back, but he can’t help laughing — and getting turned on. It’s a crazy thought, but he really hopes that the other boys will strip him naked and fuck him, right here in the temple.

The risk makes the fantasy that much more enticing. And indeed, as the other boys pin him to the couch and tickle him, Elder Larsen takes the opportunity to plant a hard wet kiss on the boyÂ’s lips, and then hunky Elder Isaacs steals a kiss too as he unbuttons Elder ButlerÂ’s shirt.

In a moment, Elder Butler is hard, and his face is flushed. His whole body has a sexual reaction to being manhandled by the other missionaries.

As soon as they have him stripped, Elder Larsen and Elder Isaacs take off their clothes, and Elder Butler appreciates their incredible bodies while they work out the details of who has the pleasure of pounding ButlerÂ’s willing hole.

All three of them are scared that they may get caught, though none of them speak their fear. Instincts drive the fear, even after Larsen and Butler told Isaacs about their experience with President Woodruff in the Bishop’s office. And the fear is indistinguishable from something else – the thrill that one of their hunky priesthood leaders might catch them in the act.

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