Winter Getaway

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DescriptionIt’s been two years since Sean Cody has done a location shoot series, and they seem to like to do them around the holidays. The last time was a (seemingly endless) Mountain Getaway in Tahoe in 2013 that started with five guys — including Tanner — and ended up with a surprise sixth who made all the difference.

Something tells me the same thing is going to happen with the new Winter Getaway, which was shot in a cool log house overlooking Mount Shasta in Northern California. Because at the moment, it feels like it’s missing something essential — namely a top who can make sure the party keeps going, and that poor Lane doesn’t end up odd man out jerking himself off. This thing would get a thousand times better if Shaw suddenly showed up.

Part 1 introduces the boys to the house, and shows them getting it on in a dramatic king-sized bed with a canopy/frame made out of crooked branches.

Here’s the thing: Unless you’re actually gay, like Lane, wouldn’t it be weird to get paid to go on vacation for a week with a bunch of dudes you’re supposed to have sex with on camera? Brodie says he’s straight, Joey is remarkably, improbably, supposedly straight. Tanner too. I don’t know about Rowan, but would that be fun? Is a free trip to a remote ski lodge really that worth it? At least most of them are versatile.

And as much as Sean Cody’s models are sexy, and the sex they shoot is almost always pretty hot, locations and orgies aren’t exactly their bread and butter — so we take what hotness we can get even if it’s not always perfectly choreographed.

And I guess for some guys, fucking is fun, and they don’t care who they’re fucking, as long as they get a free trip out of it.

Tanner’s now gotten two trips out of it.
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