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DescriptionWilliam Higgins - Wank Party 2012 No 1

For our first Wank Party of 2012 we brought Mirek Ceslar and Honza Copak together with three very hot newcomers, Jan Sadecky, Danek Rovny and Tomas Strasak. Continuing on from part 1 we find Jan, in turns, sucking on Honza and Mirek with Tomas sucking him and Danek, on his knees, sucking Tomas. All the cocks are nice and hard and Mirek fucks his cock into Jan's mouth, with gusto. Jan's cock is standing up, and throbbing as Tomas' mouth takes as much of it as he can. The sucking goes on, ubabated with all the guys enjoying it and Mirek also dropping his saliva into Jan's open mouth, and slapping his face with that big cock. Mirek has other plans for Jan too and lets go a stream of piss all over his chest while Tomas is sucking on Jan's dick. The scene changes with Tomas and Honza both laying on their backs, legs up, with Mirek fucking Tomas and Jan fucking Honza. Danek is standing over them watching the fucking as he wanks himself. A change around sees Honza sitting on Mirek's cock and riding it and Jan slides his dick in and out of Tomas' eager hole. Honza's cock is rock hard as he rides Mirek's dick so Danek leans over and sucks on it. Then he kisses Honza before turning his attention back to what Jan and Tomas are doing. Jan is fucking Tomas, whose mouth opens and takes Danek's hard cock for some sucking too. Jan then moves Tomas, raising his ass high in the air to he can fuck him nice and deep, while Tomas sucks on Danek again. Honza's cock needs some ass too and Danek lays on his back to take Honza's fat cock in his ass as Tomas moves so that he can suck Jan and take Mirek's cock in his ass at the same time. Mirek's cock is real deep in Tomas as, stretching his hole as he fucks him. Tomas is taking it very well and sucking on Jan's big dick too. Honza too is fucking well, giving Danek's ass a real good pounding. Time for the cumshots and the guys crowd around Danek to dump their loads. First to let loose is Mirek, who squirts his juice over Danek's face. Danek then takes the cock in his mouth to suck it dry. Honza follows, shooting his cum all over Danek's leg, with Danek dropping to his knees to drain the spent cock. Next to unload is Tomas, who shoots over Danek's chest and then presents his cock for Danek to clean it off. The last to shoot is Jan, who dumps his cum on Danek's face, before Danek takes that massive, sticky cock, into his mouth to get another taste. The guys need to clean up so they all get back into the whirlpool and splash around, bringing a really great Wank Party to a very nice end.
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