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DescriptionSTHJ - Tony Has Sixty Seconds to Cum
Tony is 26 years old, straight, with a muscular body and
sexy face.  In the first video clip, knowing it was his first
nut of the day, Rich made hi hold it for 60 seconds after
he was given permission.  Of course he failed.  In this clip.
Rich knew it was his second money shot and would take
longer, so to fuck with him again he told him he had to shoot
within sixty seconds.  Tony's muscular legs flex, his six pack
abs contract, his back arches, his balls are tight, and he
manages to shoot his load in time to satisfy Rich's demands.

STHJ - Bentley Edged and Tickled
Bentley is a 26 year old bartender, back to make his second
video, and Rich surprises him with a short tickling after a long,
torturous edging.  Bentley is muscular, inked,  tanned and sexy
with a nice big dick and low hanging balls.  Rich slowly works
his big, hard cock until Bentley is panting, gasping, squirming
and thrusting his hips.  He stops periodically whenever Bentley
gets too close, then resumes the torment.  He gasps as he asks
for permission, and Rich sadistically refuses, not letting up on
stroking, picking up the pace as Bentley struggles desperately
to hold on.  Rich finally allows him to shoot a thick creamy
load then decides to tickle him anyway and discovers
just how ticklish he is.

STHJ - Trey Edged and Tickled
Trey is a 20 year old gay guy, a real cutie with a lean, toned body,
a smooth chest and strong hairy legs, with a "my you're almost all
grown up" look.  Rich has him tied in an uncomfortable and revealing
position for a long, toe curling edging session, real torment for a horny
20 year old.  He slowly, jerks, licks and sucks Trey's young cock and
balls, bringing him to  the edge, enjoying his torment, building a nice
big load before taking him over the edge.  Then he sucks his ultra
sensitive (uncut) cock dry while Trey writhes in pleasurable agony. 
When he discovers Trey is ticklish he begins a tickling assault and the
poor young man goes ballistic, breathlessly begging for mercy as
Rich relentlessly tickles his pits, feet and balls.

STHJ - Bentley Edged and Tickled Again
Rich has 26 year old straight, muscular Bentley tied to the rack. 
Using his slow, gentle stroke he soon has the young man panting
and gasping, yearning for release, his long, thick cock rock hard as
he thrusts his hips in time with Rich's hand.  Rich teases him with a
series of strokes followed by a  rest, over and over, tormenting him
as he brings him closer to the edge while Bentley struggles to cum. 
Rich even makes him hold it for sixty seconds after he has permission
to torture him more.  But when Bentley fails and cums too soon he's
punished with a long, torturous tickling.  Rich relentlessly tickles his
pits, abs, balls and feet, even his ears and nose, until poor Bentley is
laughing breathlessly, unable to speak, so worked up and broken that
Rich can make him laugh without even touching him.

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