Barcelona Bound Scenes 1 3 5 and 6 (2001) Studio 2000

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DescriptionCast:  Rafael Carreras, Lucas Foz, Antonio Marquez, Andres Banderas, Mario Perez, Beto Campos, Vardeli Gardozo, Dino, Nicolas Quintero

Director:  John Travis

Country:  Spain

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2001

Studio :  Studio 2000 International


Studio 2000 thundered into late summer 2001 with Barcelona Bound - an extraordinarily sizzling flick. Replete with on location photography in Barcelona, Spain, some of the most exquisite men of its year year, and ribbons upon ribbons of the white and creamy manjuice, this one is certain to get a "toro!" out of even the most jaded viewer.

-- Keeneye Reeves


Why has it taken so long for gay porn to discover Spain? As of this writing there are only 9 titles from Spain in our database, compared to 99 from France, 74 from Hungary, even 32 from Great Britain, a country that actually lost the sexual revolution! Well, it was worth the wait, because John Travis has given us a new reason to visit Barcelona besides the Gaudi Cathedral - the nine amazing men who appear in this truly sumptuous video!

The stars are Rafael Carreras, an astonishing Renaissance beauty with long curly hair, full pouty lips and eyes deeper than the Mediterranean Sea. He is well matched by Lucas Foz, with angular features and a seductive stubble. They both have extra-long, thick cocks (Foz angles a bit to the left) that have to be seen to be believed. But that’s true for the entire cast. These guys are breathtakingly stunning, with jet-black hair, perfectly ripped bodies, and - most especially - cocks that are each at least nine Rock-of-Gibraltar-hard inches. However did Travis find them?

The story is simple, sincere, and surprisingly seductive. Carreras and Foz play two young (and very believable) lovers who have fled their conservative hometown for Barcelona. When they arrive, before they have sex, they decide to go sightseeing - an agonizing tease for us! As they wander the streets (the travel shots are worthy of PBS), they take pictures of the beautiful men they see and then describe their fantasies about each of them.

The first photo is of sinewy priest Beto Campos and muscle-bound construction worker Vardeli Gardozo. Our boys joke about “impure” thoughts, and the scene dissolves into a church, where Campos wolfs down Gardozo’s meat while raising his “skirt” to jerk off – the sight is a bit unsettling. Once the cassock comes off, Gardozo sucks the priest before Campos rams the fear of God into him from several different angles, ending obviously with the missionary position. The load Campos shoots could feed 5,000.

Drop-dead gorgeous wine deliverymen Antonio Marquez and Dino stop our lovers in their tracks. Carreras admits to the slightly jealous Foz that he wants to fuck them both. The scene fades to a thrilling threeway in an wine cellar that begins with Dino sucking Carreras sucking Marquez. Dino is eventually thrown over a cask, where he is plowed up the ass by Carreras and down the throat by Marquez. There’s a magical moment when Dino stands up and lets out a huge “whew” before switching sides so the other two can switch ends. If all this weren’t enough, Marquez then lies on that very lucky cask, throws his legs in the air and lets first Carreras, and then Dino fuck him. The versatile Spanish stallions shoot thick loads and end in a three-way lip-lock. Whew!

Our boys arrive at the Barcelona bullring, where Foz poses with matador Andreas Banderas (hmm, that name sounds familiar) in a blue “suit of lights”. Foz imagines himself in the ring, but this time the bull spears the bullfighter. After some enthusiastic cock sucking from Foz (less so from Banderas), the attention turns to the matador’s butt. Foz rims, fingers and then power-fucks Banderas, who in a nice touch never loses his jacket. The passion is positively operatic – you’ll never think of Carmen’s toreadors the same way again.

At Barcelona’s harbor, swarthy sailor Mario Perez picks up street mime Nicolas Quintero and takes him home to a bright sunlit courtyard. These guys are butch as hell. Perez is a brilliant oralist and takes Quintero down to the root in a steady deep rhythm – he must have had his gag reflex surgically removed. In appreciation, Quintero throws Perez on yet another barrel, lifts his legs and pumps him where the Spanish sun don’t shine.

Finally, our heroes take a picture of themselves, which signals the moment we’ve been waiting for. They go back to their hotel room and make sizzling love – not have sex, make love. It is truly one of the most sensual pairings ever filmed. During all the pounding sucking and fucking, they continually stare into each other’s eyes, caress each other’s bodies and kiss whenever their mouths aren’t full of cock or ass. Carreras proves he can deep-throat as well as Foz, and their 69 session alone is worth the price of the video.

With both guys such good fuckers and both so hung, who’s going to bottom? Surprisingly, it’s Foz, who hungrily rolls a rubber on Carreras who in turn readies Foz’ hole with his tongue and fingers. The resulting fuck is as passionate as any you will ever see. It shifts in several positions, and they end by actually cumming simultaneously. Sure, it’s graphic, but it is also genuinely romantic - a tour de force performance physically and emotionally.

Barcelona Bound isn’t perfect: some of the cocksucking is lackluster, sometimes the sex and the music get a bit repetitive, and some may find the very quick editing more artful than effective. But these failings are more than made up for by the evocative sets, lighting that brilliantly captures the cast’s burnished skin tones, a supporting cast of hot guys with mammoth cocks, and most of all two leads who capture our hearts as much as they stiffen our groins. Carreras and Foz are marvels of male sexuality.

To paraphrase Sondheim, "Where ya going?" "Barcelona." "Oh yeah!"

-- Jameson Rodgers


Nominee: 7 awards, including Best Director, Foreign Release, and Sex Scene (Carreras and Foz) — 2001 GAYVN Video Awards

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