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Treasure Island Media - Breeding Season 2 (wmv)

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Released July 2010

329 Minutes

Exclusives Brad McGuire
Jerry Stearns
Jessy Karson
BJ Slater
and Joe Rocco
Starring Ray Dalton
Derek Anthony
Mike Mexitop
Lucca Mazza
Lito Cruz
Gavin Strong
Allen Undor
Tober Brandt
Mike Smith
John Sullivan
JC Woof
Armando Cortez
Jasper Adams
Jake Phillips
Daxx Maxxon
Jake Wood
Caedon Chase
and Jonny

With all of my videos, the concept is simple: bring together men who love to fuck and love to do it in front of a camera. It's all I've ever really been interested in.

I've devoted BREEDING SEASON 2 to the pure fuck-action I'm personally addicted to and in love with. I encouraged the men--some of the greatest and wildest manfuckers I know--to really push the action to a level of raw energy. And the result is fucking over-the-top.

In addition to BRAD McGUIRE brutally pummel-fucking JOHN SULLIVAN, there's a gang-fuck of mega-bottom CHRISTIAN, so animalistic that it took the boy's ass a week to recover from the onslaught! To balance things out, I've also included two remarkable scenes in which our resident stud-daddies lovingly fuck the bejeebers out of a couple of young men previously innocent to raw-fucking and seed-taking.

And that's just the beginning. If you're a man who loves mansex and who longs to keep the spirit and reality of the wildman butt-fuck alive, BREEDING SEASON 2 was made for you.

Dig in!

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