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DescriptionPART 1
Cam is a 19-year-old student from London. Passing out in the living room begins his long journey that will end in a few weeks when his sweet young ass loses its virginity to a very large dildo. But right now, all he knows is that he's tied up, helpless and nearly naked. And standing in front of him is a man with a whip.

Our English lad can't believe what is happening to him. That concrete floor is ice cold and so very lonely. Cam is stretched spreadeagle to his limits. Watch those leg muscles bulge as they start to cramp. But it gets worse, much worse.... Young cameron is lifted off the ground by a block and tackle, stretching him way beyond normal human endurance.

The limits of our tasty Brit's body are tested again. This time he is hung upside down, his legs painfully spread at a wide angle, every inch of his perfect teen body exposed and vulnderable. You can measure the pain with his tightened abs as they begin to cramp. And that's just the start. Soon the whip comes out to lash that flat stomach and that fine ass. Who says the British don't make good food? Not us!

First his perfect six-pack and pecs are tortured with wooden clips. Then Cameron's painful ordeal comes to a climax when his worse nightmare comes true: He's bent over a stool, ass high in the air, wrists and ankles chained. Then a fat 10-inch dildo is shoved up his virgin hole and left there for god only knows how long. The poor boy moans and begs. "Take it out ... Please take it out ...!"

We have gotten requests for black boys and forced workouts, so we decided to bring back Cameron. Despite his heavy Caribbean accent, poor Cameron tries desperately to please his master by calling out each pushup and stomach crunch. "13, Sir! 14, Sir!" But he stumbles over his words and is forced to start over again and again until he collapses, his young muscles quivering in pain.


[DreamBoyBondage.com] - Cameron - Chloroformed

BDSM, Fetish, Anal, Dildo, Toys, Rape, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Masturbation, Interracial

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