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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-07 |
24 hours with Adam! Fuck, we were in paradise! I travelled home to finally see Adam again. It's always strange to come home. The smells. The sounds. The confusion. It was the last warm weekend and we decided to take off. I know many beautiful places around my hometown. The hidden lake - as we used to call it - is just a bike ride away. The spooky forest leads to the sunset-river full of tourist boats. We touched eachother, whenever we could. Our hearts pumped. Our cocks were married. Warm bodies in eachothers arms and dreams. We made love. Not just once. We kissed like cannibals, sucked like lambs and boarded eachother like pirates. We were one. We left our semen everywhere. To let something beautiful grow in this wilderness of life. /// Do you know, what they say about red dragonflies? That they shall bring bad luck for lovers. And that's what we got. At least that's what I wanna call it. Instead of me being the one to blame. But I should have told Adam, told him to stop. I'm the older one! But our hearts kept pumping and we couldn't resist. We tried to be quiet. As quiet as possible. /// She is thoughtful. Mama is caring. Anxious. Religious. But what was she thinking? That Adam would dreamwalk again? Like he did when he was little? That one of her boys would have nightmares? How could she know that we were in paradise! Or did she know? Did she know all the years? And did her strange feelings make her open that fucking door? /// I remember a thousand situations when we got that look after a foolish prank. But this time it was different. It was TOTAL. Just as total as our final decision to leave. To escape! We packed our stuff. We couldn't stay. Left the same night. Left a letter for Mama. We are out now. Out of the family. Out of the world. We are alone, but we have eachother. That's the only thing that counts.
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