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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-03-12 |

Other scene shots: hxxp://www.amvc.com/showroom/jsp48-0.shtml

WARNING: all Schmoe vids are bareback.
Description taken from webpage:
about 93 minutes

Scene 1:
Gage from our very first film Yardboy And Bros First Video is back in front of the Schmoe cam. He's sportin' a few new tats from his time in prison. Ones a swastika but I don't think he's racist, just homophobic...makes me wonder how that ass survived 2 yrs in prison intact. His dick has gotten a tad bit longer and fatter. Anyway, he flexes a bit, and kicks back in the schmoelounger and busts out his best nutt shot ever.

Scene 2:
Skinny Whiteboy Aiden still claims to be straight, but its hard to tell in this un-edited clip. He dropped by one night to hang out for awhile, and he told me that he likes doing it with me, even though I'm older than his dad. He decided to watch some clips from one of our un-released vids, and was really turned on. We make out a bit...I eat his skinny ass while he moans in pleasure, and then he sticks me with his 23yr old bare, rock hard cock, and fucks the daylights outta me in several positions. He nutts in me (he swears he didn't though) then kicks back and jerks out one of his giant loads.

Scene 3:
Redneck Daddy and Blaze were hanging out one night when one thing led to another. They serve each other up, Blaze sits on Daddy's bare cock for a minute, before daddy ends up nuttin' twice...the second time all over Blaze.

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