Friction (1995) Bullwhip Video/Hot House (Anthony Wagner; Blade Thompson; Casey Williams; Eric Moreno; Jake Andrews; Rick Drake; Tony Piagii) 720x480 avi

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DescriptionFriction (1995) Bullwhip Video / Hot House

Cast: Anthony Wagner, Blade Thompson, Casey Williams, Eric Moreno, Jake Andrews, Rick Drake, Tony Piagii.

Imagine what it would be like to be a couple coexisting with five young and hunky professionals - all of them a bit too eager to jump on the next opportunity. Believe us, you don't want to hold this one too close to an open flame!
A little nighttime naughtiness, some roommate romping and one or two marital transgressions (who's counting) add up to a very explosive situation!

Scene 1. Jake Andrews (90s), Blade Thompson
9 out of 10 male porn stars recommend Jake Andrews if you're looking for a world-class blowjob. You'll see why at the beginning of Scene 1 when Andrew performs his magic on Blade Thompson's giant morning wood. Andrew's skills have Thompson squirming, moaning and groaning with pleasure until he's rock hard and ready to fuck Andrews in the ass. Andrews obligingly sits on Thompson's cock and rides it with force - just who's fucking who here? Both guys shoot big loads all over Andrew's stomach.

Scene 2. Jake Andrews (90s), Tony Piagi
Tony Piagi may be hot, but he's a messy house guest. He showers with the door open. That's okay with Andrews, who can't resist watching through a crack in the door. As Piagi soaps up, Andrews gets worked into a lather and starts to jack off. When Piagi catches a glimpse of Andrews he steps out of the shower knowing he's going to get dirtier than before he went in! Piagi grabs Andrews' fat cock and goes down, proving he's no slouch in the cocksucking department either. Andrews reciprocates and both guys blow major loads into the shower.

Scene 3. Casey Williams, Eric Moreno
Casey Williams is tired of doing all the housework while Jake Andrews is doing all the house guests so he throws down his mop and makes a very aggressive move on the gardener (Eric Moreno) through an open window. Moreno wastes no time getting upstairs to receive some deep- throat action from cock-hungry Williams. For a little guy, Moreno sure has a huge cock and fucks Williams with it like the biggest top out there! Williams ain't complaining when Moreno pulls out and they drain their nuts all over his freshly waxed floor!

Scene 4. Blade Thompson, Tony Piagi, Anthony Wagner
Thompson returns from a business trip early to find the house empty except for Tony Piagi. It's been a hard week and Thompson needs some release so they hit the bedroom so Piagi can blow him. The action turns to fucking just as Anthony Wagner bounces up the stairs to use the bathroom. Thinking they are home alone, Piagi and Thompson are going at it with wild abandon and Wagner is front row center. Thompson rolls Piagi into a ball and fucks him extra deep and Wagner can't resist reaching into his own jeans to give his cock a tug. He realizes he's gonna have to rub this one out so he ducks into a nearby bedroom to jack off while looking at himself in a mirror. It doesn't take long before he pops all over himself. Back in the other bedroom we catch Tompson and Piagi as they explode all over each other.

Scene 5. Sam Carson, Rick Drake
Sam Carson is reading a magazine on one end of the sofa while Rick Drake is trying to catch some z's on the other. When Carson's foot accidently rubs against Drakes crotch, the sparks fly. At first Drake resists - but nobody is THAT tired. He licks his way up Carson's left leg until he has his third one in his hot mouth. Why do redheads always have such big dicks? Don't ask Drake, cause his mouth is full, and getting fuller. Drake turns out to be a nasty pig, flipping carson's legs up in the air so he can devour his ass. Then it's time for an intense 69 session so both men can get their fill of cock and ass. Finally Drake jumps on top of Carson's rock hard cock and pumps it with his ass. . . determined to get every drop of cum out of Carson's fat nuts.
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