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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-07-18 |
A high-ranking Marine officer has been murdered. The CIA is to blame and is trying to divert attention from itself by framing 3 active duty Marines
To execute their plan, CIA agents pose as Cops, kidnap the Marines and attempt to frame them for the murder.
The Marines prove to be much tougher than expected and the agents must use repeated physical abuse to extract a confession, using the three as punching bags while they are hanging upside-down in cuffs. When the abuse fails, the agents attempt to break the Marines' spirit by tearing their uniforms off piece by piece.
Realistic action, a large cast, and good looking Marines make "High and Tight" one of Academy Entertainment's all-time best selling videos!

Studio: AcademyMen.com
Duration: 56:46 (mm:ss, merged from short clips)
Video: 320x212, 30fps, WMV

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