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MBZ - Elder Roberts Initiation

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DescriptionAfter arriving at the temple with his companion, Elder Roberts is lead off to the locker room by himself, told to take off his clothes and underwear, and given a shield to wear in its place. The shield is a garment used in Mormon temples for the washing and anointing of temple-goers. It’s a simple sheet with a hole cut out for the wearer’s head, leaving their naked body open to the officiant’s touch.

As the naked Mormon boy puts on the shield, he remembers what it was like to put on the shield the first time he went through the temple. He recalls how surprised he was to find himself standing in the temple naked, how cold and sensitive his exposed skin was, how vulnerable he was to the older man touching him under the shield, and how worried he was that he would get an erection. He’s looking forward to getting touched again, and hopes he’ll be able to control his dick as well as he did the first time he went through the temple.

But he doesn’t count on being washed and anointed by someone as handsome as the older man who’s waiting in the ordinance room. Patriarch Smith is overwhelmingly attractive, and standing there in a shield that’s a little small for him, his muscular body jutting out the sides, Elder Roberts feels a pang of desire. He tries to act normal and sits down beside the handsome patriarch.

The patriarch can sense the boy’s nervousness. But he doesn’t smile or reassure him. He finds the kid’s anxiety arousing.

He speaks slowly and calmly. “Elder Roberts, thank you for joining me in the temple today. We’re going to do your washing and anointing. Please stand.”
When the boy stands, Patriarch Smith takes a good long look at his athletic body. He’s excited to get his hands on that naked flesh. “Elder Roberts,” he says, “the temple washing, clothing and anointing ordinances were given anciently, as recorded in the book of Exodus. Elder Roberts, I wash you preparatory to receiving your anointing.”

As he picks up the water, he can feel the boy’s body go rigid with anticipation. He puts a little water on his hand and gently touches the boy’s head. “I wash your head…” Elder Roberts is trying to listen to the words of the ordinance, but he’s having a hard time paying attention as the patriarch fondles him. “Your eyes…your nose…your lips…your neck…” Every inch of his body is sensitive to the touch, and when the patriarch’s hand touches him, it takes all of his concentration to contain a moan.

Patriarch Smith reaches under the shield. He places one hand on the boy’s belly to steady him, and runs the other down his back, sending a chill up his spine. “Your back…” Elder Roberts closes his eyes and concentrates on his breathing. “Your breast…” he says as he massages it. “Your arms and hands” he runs a hand up the boy’s arm, feeling his muscles. The boy’s dick is now half hard under the shield.

The patriarch stands behind the missionary and runs his hands up and down his cum gutters. His fat cock is beginning to swell with excitement. He touches the boy’s dick, and it bounces. He touches it again. “Your loins, that you may be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.” He strokes the dick and it hardens in his hand.

This is definitely not what happened the first time Elder Roberts went through the temple. He’s excited and confused. Where will this lead? Is he just being toyed with?

He stands there frozen, and the patriarch reaches down and takes his dick in hand. He rubs the head, and then massages the boy’s neck. Elder Robert’s closes his eyes, and his dick gets fully hard. It pokes straight out. His arms stick out at his side — he lets the patriarch do what he wants and tries not to reach, but he can’t help moaning as the patriarch pulls back the shield and plays with his hard body. His cock is tingling as the man plays with it.

The older man is gentle and slow. Rather than jerking the boy off then and there, he starts to tease him. He softly toys with the head of his cock while he pinches his nipple with two fingers. The temple is completely silent. The boy can’t help grabbing the man’s arm with one hand and his leg with the other. The patriarch alternates between the boy’s stiff cock and his soft balls. The missionary is now totally flushed and rests his head back on the man’s shoulder. He has completely surrendered to his touch.

The patriarch comes around in front of the boy and drapes the shield over his shoulders. He gropes the kid’s body, then gets down on one knee and licks the head of his cock. Elder Roberts can barely stand the feeling. He closes his eyes and grunts. When the man grips his balls tightly, the feeling becomes even more intense, and he starts to suck harder and louder. Elder Roberts has had blow jobs before, but never one like this. Patriarch Smith really knows what he;s doing. He keeps the boy right on the edge of orgasm without allowing him to cum. As he works the heads of his cock, the shaft, his balls, his nipples, he’s in total control of the boy’s pleasure.

He reaches around and grabs the boy’s smooth white ass. As he sucks his dick, he fondles his buttcheek. Elder Roberts can’t believe he’s having his ass played with in the temple. He starts to breathe harder, and he hopes it’s time for him to cum. The patriarch here’s the urgency in his breathing, and begins to jack his cock fast and hard. The tip of his penis is bulging and bright red. He can feel the cum building up in his balls and he knows it’s going to be a huge load. As the patriarch works him over, he warns him, “I’m going to cum,“ and then almost before the words have left his mouth he shoots a hot stream of cum all the way up his chest. As it dribbles back down his belly, the patriarch continues to whack off his sensitive cock. He shudders and breathes through his teeth, unsure what to do. The patriarch’s hand is all sticky with the boy’s cum. He licks some of the semen off Elder Roberts’s balls, then stands and pulls his shield back down over his sticky body. The air smells like sex. He helps the boy into a pair of garments, and gives his big dick a final tug.

Washing and anointing the young men of the church has got to be one of the most enjoyable duties of a priesthood leader.

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