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DescriptionMichael's Pocket Pussy Hand Job

This time Rich has young Michael tied to the rack for
handjob with the pocket pussy.  The 22 year olds smooth,
young body looks so sexy as Rich slowly strokes and teases
his hard cock to get him aroused and ready.  Using the pocket
pussy and a frustrating stop and start technique at first, then
picking up the pace, he brings him over the edge with the device. 
Michael closes his eyes, tenses his body and shakes his hips. 
His breathing becomes deep as he strains, grimaces and cums
in an intense orgasm.

Matthew's Audition Edging

New model Matthew is 24 years old, straight, cute,
a skinny white boy who came along with another model
and ended up making a video himself.  He was so nervous
he asked for a blindfold to ignore that a fat old man was
jerking him off.  Matt has a nice young body, smooth chest
and arms, hairy legs and a nice cock.  Rich slowly worked
his young, responsive dick as Matt gasped and twitched,
sheepishly asking for permission three times and denied. 
Rich used his frustrating stop and start stroking technique
as Matt's breathing became louder and more labored as he
was inched along.  Finally, Rich gradually increased the tempo
to finish him off.

Matthew Edged and Milked

Rich has 24 year old, edgy, straight Matthew blindfolded
and tied to the rack and subjects him to one of his slow
edgings, gently teasing the shaft and head of his cock as
the young man gasps and pants.  His requests to cum are
denied, his face shows arousal and frustration as Rich slowly
toys with his hard cock.  Rich makes him work for it, gradually
increasing the pace as until he's stroking as fast as Matt likes
until he brings him over the edge.  Then he torments his
sensitive cock, watching Matt squirm and twist until he
breaks free from his ropes.

Ethan's Slow, Slow Edging

New model Ethan is 23 years old, straight, cute and very
friendly, with a lean body and a very friendly personality,
and his girlfriend doesn't know he's here.  He's young and
horny, it's been 2 days since he shot a load and he's easily
aroused, and Rich uses that against him.  He ties him to the
bench, gets his big cock rock hard and administers a real slow
edging.  Rich torments him with his stop and start technique
and endless tunnel stroke and Ethan loves it.  He gradually
slows the pace, making him work for it.  Ethan is so close to
the edge that when he finally asks "can I cum for you" Rich
hesitates, then approves, and Ethan shoots immediately,
actually hitting himself in the face with his own load in what
appeared to be a very satisfying orgasm.

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