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**Note 1:  Video is already a torrent on the site, but as an AVI file. Here is a WMV3 version. A little bit smaller with no loss in quality.

***Note 2:  Earlier today I uploaded what I thought was the WMV, but the actual torrent only included the JPG of the box, SORRY!! This is the right file this time!

Construction Crew aka Crow Bar Crew, 1972, Le Salon Video

58 minutes, 640x480, WMv3/WMA2

From the text on TLAVideo.com:
From the press notes, courtesy of Bijou:
"Formerly known as Crow Bar Crew, this old film is redolent of middle-sixties Southern California. Six college students work as a crew (actually with pickaxes and shovels) on freeway construction. Their dark-haired, muscular foreman lusts for the thin blond.

The students shower outdoors after work and leave the blond alone. The foreman fucks the pale student in the shower. They later become lovers, and their affectionate and avid lovemaking is the best in the movie. The student crew rent a room where they sleep naked side by side on two beds pushed together.

When they are not having sex in the outdoor shower at work, they are doing it on these beds or in the bathroom. The students expose the pipe-smoking foreman's thievery, and other than his desire for the blond, there is really no story here.
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