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Titan - Manplay

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Antonio Vela 
Buc (tm) 
César Léon 
Eddie Cost 
Kurt Pack 
Luke Sabato 
Neo Lavie

"ManPlay: MP-003" is, so far, my personal favorite of this orgy series (and, like its predecessors, this is an all-orgy flick with several men in a big room who suck, rim and fuck with abandon from beginning to end). The reason I like this one so much comes down to one man: Buc. He is a massive slab of well-hung beef that all the guys in the room paw, lick, suck and jab at throughout. Buc, who was featured earlier this year in Men magazine as Kurt Aberdeen, is an astonishingly versatile and flexible bodybuilder. He sucks dick, gets sucked (many times over), rims ass, fucks ass, gets fucked (many times over), and is just an all around nice guy it seems. But, best of all, he snorts and grunts like a pig in heat as he's being poked. Loud grumblings that will make you wonder if he is a descendant of Porky Pig.

The rest of the men here are nothing to snort at, either. Bleach-blond Neo Lavie is a slim tattooed fellow with a penchant for sucking cock, and has a wild look in his eyes most of the time. Antonio Vela is a compact Latino with a thick brown uncut dick (he, along with César Léon, fuck the most asses). Luke Sabato is a muscular brunet with spikey hair and hairy legs (and a seemingly bottomless pit for an ass). Eddie Cost is an exotic-looking man with a luscious tan-colored body and salt-and-pepper hair (he also has a beautiful round ass that gets put to good use time and again). Kurt Pack is a tightly muscled daddy with a nice dick and a big cocksucking mouth. Fyerfli is a lanky fellow with a long thick cock and small devil's horns in his hair (don't ask). So, you see, there are a variety of types (as has been the case with the previous flicks, too, "ManPlay: MP-002" and "ManPlay: MP-001").

The action is feverish from start to finish with every man totally into it from the get-go (no wallflowers!). But, as mentioned before, Buc, the incredible lily-white hulk, gets the most attention -- rightfully so -- and gives as well as he takes (the sequence where Kurt spreads Buc's legs apart and deep-dicks him is one of the hottest moments, to be sure -- Buc snorting with each thrust Kurt makes). But the chemistry between Buc and César is particularly intense, as are the fireworks between Antonio and Luke. However, that's not to say they get all lovey-dovey in a corner somewhere, they share their joy not just with themselves but with the whole gang.

By the end of the raunchy affair, all of the men have cum at least once (many having shot two or more times), been fucked (save for César and Antonio), licked some ass, and sucked on more than a few cocks. There really isn't much else to say -- the men are hot (even the odd-looking ones like Neo), the bodies range from gym-toned to muscular to bodybuilder, and the sex is eager and well videographed. The DVD version features easy-to-use menus (with full-motion scene chapters), a post-orgy behind-the-scenes segment, and a photo session with photographer Billy Wild.

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