Studio 2000 - Bedtime Stories III

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All I can say is that the last thing "Bedtime Stories III" made me want to do was go to sleep. At least not alone. This sexy production is more of a sexual wake-up call than a nocturnal transmission. With a cast of hardworking hunks and three directors doing their best, this is a series of hot tales of the tail.

Tattooed and somewhat hairy Eric Hunter emerges from the shower to narrate all the stories in the nude. He has a book of favorite bedtime stories that keep him hard and interested.

"Service with a Smile," directed by Doug Jeffries. In the first, bronzed suave brunet Ben Campezi, all but bursting out of his unbuttoned shirt, is alone in his hotel room when dazzlingly handsome Ace Hanson, with a boyishly cute cleft chin, but the body of ten men, comes with room service, which Ben didn't order. See, Ben has eaten already, but Ace offers to help him work up an appetite, and then, with his tongue, reaches far into Ben's mouth. After some great kissing, Ben works his way down Ace's chiseled body to his cock. With a forceful hand and a wanton mouth, Ben goes to town with an eager blow, which Ace makes even more tasty by first dipping his dick in a glass of milk and then spraying whipped cream on it. Add to that Ben's drool and it's one mouthwatering suck-off. Beautiful Ace isn't just beefcake, for when he pops out Ben's thick uncut cock, he nearly deep-throats it. "How do you like this room service," Ace asks. Ben looks at him so lustily I think he's already put his order in for breakfast. After a good blow, Ace flips Ben over and fucks him doggy. Ace is a powerhouse fucker and he slams deep and hard into Ben's well-formed ass. Ace keeps his strength going throughout, shaking the bed with his harshness. Shots from underneath show just how deep he's in there. After switching to missionary, Ace works up more steam, and we get blissful shots of his own ass. Still inserted, Ace falls down on the bed to fuck sideways. Ace pulls out to cum on Ben's leg and then Ben gets to finish with his before a cute twist at the end.

"Tough at the Top," directed by Derek Kent. Eric is stroking himself for the next story that finds the sublimely sexy Joe Foster watching boyfriend Tony Mecelli in a porn flick on a gigantic TV screen in their bedroom. Tony himself, pumped to perfection with juicy bitable lips, comes in and complains to Joe that he can't compete with his porn image, but Joe reminds him, "that's what boyfriends are for." Quicker than most people can smile, Joe gorges himself on Tony's long cock. Director Derek Kent has outfitted the entire set in dark muted colors, so these two are literally the only thing to watch as they jump out at you. The tattooed perfection that is Joe gives Tony a whopper of a blow, very nearly managing to deep-throat it. Tony takes some time on Joe's cock, as Joe jacks off Tony the whole time, until Tony slowly moves Joe back to his dick and they turn it into a 69. When Joe goes full tilt again, Tony suddenly opens wider. Tony's wet paw begins to poke around Joe's muscled ass and soon he has two fingers in Joe. Joe maneuvers himself onto all-fours and Tony, led by his abs, fucks him gently and easily. The gentle part is a nice surprise, and the easy is actually a compliment to Joe's ass that he can take someone as big as Tony. Joe sits on Tony's cock facing away, with a fantastic insertion shot, and as Joe bounces ably, Tony fucks upward into him. They hit a stride here and it's the best fucking in the scene. Joe falls on his back and Tony fucks him, with good pacing again, until Joe pops being fucked. Tony isn't far behind and another clever scene-ender caps it all off.

Eric introduces the next two scenes together, as they are related.

"Good Script," directed by Derek Kent. Ryan Alexander, a built, young-looking cutie with a bubbly personality that makes him quite a spitfire, has suffered an injury at school and he goes to discuss it with his coach, Danny Vox, while two of his friends go home to play games. Hairy Danny tells Ryan to strip and get on the massage table, where he starts to poke for hurt muscles, but of course only Ryan's dick, hidden under a towel but fighting to get out, is affected. Soon enough, Danny frees the piece and begins to blow it. He gives a full-faced blow, where every trip down is a deep-throat and every trip up is full off the cock to breathe. He then plays harshly with Ryan's hairy balls, which seems to delight them both. Danny then moves up the table to pop out his own boner so Ryan can suck it. Ryan does an amazing job considering his upside-down position. Danny then bends over and completes the 69. Ryan then adds a probing finger into Danny's ass, moving off the table to really finger-fuck him, getting three solid fingers deep in there. Expert Ryan slips a condom on (with only one hand, it's quite a trick) and then fucks the heck out of him! Ryan starts out with more power than anyone needs in a fuck and gets mighty deep into Danny, who breathlessly takes it all. Ryan dirty-talks up a storm as he plows through this wild fuck. He looks like a kid, but he fucks like a devil! Danny gets on his back and throws one leg over Ryan's shoulder for a somewhat sideways position that works even better than the doggy position. Ryan's meaty muscular thighs are doing a lot of the work here and he gets a sudden burst of power as he slices into Danny's hairy ass near the end. Danny is being fucked with such fury that he cums being hammered and Ryan is right behind to dump on Danny's fuzzy tummy.

"It's a Kid Thing," directed by John Travis. Ryan's two friends, the adorable blond South African Matt Van Dorn and the muscular tattooed Kurt Summers, have gone home to play video games, and when Matt loses, that means he has to put out. Sounds like a winning plan to me. Kurt strips down to his ink and a truss on his balls as he pokes his big cock at Matt's small face. The perky sucker does a wowing blow on a dick that should be too big for him to deep-throat, but he manages. Matt stands up to his full height and Kurt reaches to kiss him before they fall on the bed for a lovely 69. I guess Matt can't allow his mouth to be idle, and the results earn him a big thank-you. He keeps up his spunk and Kurt gets pretty worked up himself. Kurt then rims Matt's picture-perfect ass with his pierced tongue. It's delicious because Matt's butt is gorgeous and Kurt seems to agree and shows it. He uses this time to also blow Matt's dick and play with his nuts. Kurt has an effortless time shoving three fingers deep into Matt's ass, and Matt writhes around on the bed. Kurt then fucks Matt, and like Ryan before him, starts off with a great burst of power. Once he realizes Matt's ass can handle it, Kurt fucks him with the ease of a warm knife through butter. If Kurt doesn't always press as deeply into Matt as he could, that is rectified when Matt sits on Kurt's ass to skewer himself. Now the entire dick gets sucked up the ass. Matt completely steals the scene from Kurt here, so to get it back, Kurt goes sideways, actually working up his biggest amount of energy in this difficult position. Matt cums with Kurt still inside him, a big sloppy one, and then Kurt has a strong blast as well.

After sharing these stories, Eric is given a solo finale, in which he not only pumps his dick gleefully, but he finger-fucks himself expertly. The four vignettes, with three different directors, are totally seamless. They are edited crisply, but it's the performers who seem to have all the fun here. From Ace Hanson to Joe Foster to Matt Van Dorn, this is a cast of complete winners, all of whom seem excited for their lucky job.

Produced in:  United States

Studio:  Studio 2000

Year:  2003

Directed by:  Derek Kent, Doug Jeffries, John Travis

Cast:  Ace Hanson, Ben Campezi, Danny Vox, Joe Foster, Kurt Summers, Matt Van Dorn, Ryan Alexander, Tony Mecelli

Length:  01h 29m 10s

Resolution: 640 X 480

Themes:  Smooth Guys, Gymnasts, Foreskin, Guys in their 20s

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