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2 Chris Geary wrestling videos

Messy Wrestling

The last oil wrestling video we filmed was very popular. We had several requests for "messy wrestling", some people love mud, others requested jelly or food products such as gooey custard, yogurt and sticky jam.

OK we thought, we'll give it a go and off to the supermarket we went. Browsing down the isles we found some large pots of custard, they varied in constancy, colour and flavor. Unsure of which type and gooeyness to select, we ended up getting 6 different tubs to test, as well as some large bottles of tomato ketchup and a bag of flour. I could see it was going to get very messy and sticky!

The plan was to have 6 boys wrestling around in the messy substances together. However on the day we had 1 last minute drop out and 2 boys arrived late. So we started off with just 3 boys: Leo, Mark and Matt, with Christian joining in when he finally found our address.

To start with they had some fun together wrestling around pulling each others trunks off.

Now it was time to get messy... first the custard, then the tomato ketchup. We got the boys to stand in a line as we pored lots of custard and sprayed the tomato sauce over them. These two substances aren't a good mix, when wrestled/mixed together it resulted in a nasty smelly, gray looking gunge. However it made there bodies slide around nicely and visually looked good to watch.

When they were resting and thinking it couldn't get any worse, we added some flour to the boys. I'm sure if we had added a few eggs we could have made a nice batter mix and cooked some tasty pancakes!

It took a long while to wash all the gooey mess off, that was almost a separate video in itself. Then just as we'd all finished Joshua turned up. OK he'd just spent the last 3 hours on a train coming across from Wales and got a bit muddled when he arrived into London. Straight Welsh Valley Boys aren't the best at navigating a big city like London. But as he's a very good looking guy, I let him off for being so late and missing the entire shoot. It was a good excuse to film another one.

Unfortunately Mark and Christian couldn't stay on for round 2, so we just used Leo and Matt to wrestle Joshua. The inflatable wrestling pit was just way too massy to use again. So we moved it out the way and did some oil wrestling on the matt's underneath.

For a hunky straight boy I thought Joshua was a bit of a nancy boy when it came to wrestling. He was also the first one to loose his trunks when we asked they to fight for them. Leo was the winner. They sure looked good rolling around together naked. Seeing straight boys tumble around with their dicks flopping all over the place is a great sight.

To finish off the boys competed together... to see who could do the best cum shot. Then outside to shower off and a splash around in the hot tub. Plus a few naked star-jumps in the sunshine and some silly daring gay-4-pay games is always good fun too.
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