MC - Grant

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Description - Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the line up and his name is GRANT! Yes Grant is a former Marine and now living in Los Angeles. I caught up with him on a craigslist ad where he was looking for pussy and i made my pitch and before long we were negotiating a scene he was ready to tackle. Watch a GRANT falls prey to the Master and in fear delivers a nut that literally shot up in the air! Incredible!

Grant was traveling from Los Angeles and when he arrived at my studios he seemed a bit energetic and ready for anything really. I brought him inside and we went upstairs and began to discuss the work and the money. Grant was cheery and in good spirits for someone who is about to get his dick sucked by a guy. I began to explain the scenario and get a feel for him so I know what to pitch to him. It worked!

Once we filled out all the paperwork I explained that I was going to suck his cock and compensate him for the job. Grant was beside himself and with ease said that would work for him. Grant is very open minded and not your typical marine… or former marine i should say! I asked him to join me in my bedroom where I had everything set up. Grant finally became quiet when he saw the set up.

Once I sat him down on my bench in front of my bed, I had him choose some porn to watch while i did the dirty. When the cameras began to roll I dropped to my knees and began my work. I loved sucking this boy’s cock, Its beautiful circumcised and a perfect straight length. I easily took it down balls deep and licked his balls with my warm mouth that literally drove him crazy. I stood him up and continue my mouth pounding and before long I could tell that I was wearing down Grant and he was ready for the delivery.

Next I sat him down on the bench again and began my decent down on his cock and now sucked feverishly faster and faster making Grant even more nervous and quiet. Before long Grant was shaking in his seat and his breathing was short and loud as he began to hold his breath as he told me he was about to cum. This stud shot a load that literally flew 5 feet in the air and was followed by a spray of load shots that diminished as he finished! One hell of a load I have to say!
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