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Josh Avery vs Bob Doran vs Eric Ford

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionThree buddies come in from football scrimage, strip to tight football shorts to show each other some wrestling moves. It's all conviviality as they horse around flexing, posing & 'ragging' on each other. All 3 are very appealing & have lively personalities. Josh is especially ebullient. He loves posing in the mirror. Bobby has a rugged Irish lad look. Eric is the youngest & smallest of the 3 but more than keeps up with his muscular buddies. Bobby shows Josh a backslide. Eric's chickenwing/crossface is a bit too enthusiastic. Bobby shouts 'Man, take it easy, you'll tear my friggin head off!' It's now a submission endurance challenge.The action gets increasingly intense as competitiveness emerges. Bobby calls Josh a know-it-all then stretches Eric a little longer than necessary, gruffly dumping him to the mat. When Josh protests, Bobby says 'he was being a little crying bitch'. Josh then reverses an abdominal stretch on Bobby and pours it on full force. Bobby says 'that was uncalled for' then works a mean figure 4 leglock until Eric is screaming. He shows Josh a variation. When Bobby refuses to release the figure 4 Josh rolls for a reversal and Eric joins in the fray, first headscissoring then camel-clutching Bobby, his legs now trapped in his own reversed figure 4 leglock. The action takes a sudden and very dramatic turn as Bobby seeks revenge. Suddenly the submissions are no longer gradually intensified but applied full force with conviction. Josh, wearing earguards, schoolboy-pins Bobby. When Eric joins in Bobby's humiliation, Josh turns on Eric. Surprising twists & turns, alliances & betrayals, egos bruised & battered as all 3 end up on the mat entwined together. It's now the wrestling equivalent of musical chairs until only one guy is standing. 'You're both my bitches'
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