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MBZ Elder Buckley & Elder Riley COMPANIONSHIP SECRET

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DescriptionAfter talking about whether they should confess to the mission president, Elder Buckley and Elder Riley flip-flop fuck.

Elder Riley is feeling guilty about all the sex he and his companion have been having. Giving into temptation once is human, but taking every opportunity to fuck —as they do — demonstrates a lack of remorse. He knows he and his companion are sinning very seriously, and he doesn’t know how to stop. But he knows that the right thing to do is to go to the mission president, confess and repent. Only he could never betray Elder Buckley, and he’s afraid the president will excommunicate them both and send them home. So he decides to talk to his companion about what they should do.

After a long day of knocking on doors, Elders Buckley and Riley come home and flop down on a bed. Elder Buckley starts to take off his shoes. He’s looking forward to a relaxing fuck before they nod off, but Elder Riley looks like he’s worried about something. Elder Buckley doesn’t have the energy for any drama, but he asks what’s wrong because he knows it’ll be less trouble than if he ignores it.

But when Elder Riley suggests that they tell the mission president that they have been breaking the law of chastity, Elder Buckley refuses to even entertain the idea. He’s having too much fun to want it to stop. And there’s no way he’s going home in disgrace. He’s not really worried that his companion will turn them in, because he knows how much Elder Riley needs the fuckings he gives him.

“I really think that’s a bad idea,” says Elder Buckley. He leans back on the bed and loosens his tie. “Now why don’t you stand up, handsome, and start taking your clothes off for me.”

Elder Riley does as told. He can’t resist his beefy companion. He slips off his shirt, then pauses and looks Elder Buckley in the eye. “You know, I’m only comfortable about this with you,“ he says. “If it was anybody else, I wouldn’t want to.”

Elder Buckley smiles. “Keep going,” he says. Elder Riley strips down to his tight-fitting garments, his boner clearly visible through the fabric. As he strips, he thinks about how wonderful it feels to have his companion sweating and grunting above him. Elder Buckley pulls him in by the hips, and then completely removes his companion’s garments. His dick pops out, and Elder Buckley takes it in his mouth, making Elder Riley gasp. He gives it a few sucks, then takes off his own pants and kisses his companion. Elder Riley gets on his knees and slips Elder Buckley’s dick out of the fly of his garments and sucks it until he’s hard. Elder Buckley puts a hand on his head and pushes it down until he’s choking on his big dick.

It occurs to Elder Buckley that one way to keep his companion from telling the mission president is to let him top for once. He’s a little worried, because he’s never been fucked before. But it only seems fair, given all the punishing fucks he has pounded into Elder Riley. He asks, “Have you ever been inside a guy?” Elder Riley says no. “Want to try it? It’s fun.”

Elder Buckley lies back and throws his legs in the air and tells Elder Riley what to do. Elder Riley spits on his hand and slips his wet finger in Elder Buckley’s tight hole. Elder Buckley grimaces but he tries to relax and open up. Then Elder Riley slips his dick in. Elder Buckley closes his eyes and tugs on his dick. The feeling is really intense, and a little painful, but he likes it. Elder Riley starts to rock back and forth, then leans in for a kiss. He loves the look on his companion’s face as he fucks him. Much as he likes this, though, all he wants is for Elder Buckley to fuck him hard. “I want you inside me,” he says. Elder Buckley smiles and obliges. Elder Riley gets on his knees and Elder Buckley fucks him from behind. Elder Riley clutches the sheets in tight fists as his companion works on his asshole. It’s almost, but not quite, more than he can take.

Elder Buckley flips his companion over and slips his fat meat in his hole. He wants to see Elder Riley’s face as he fucks him. Elder Riley jerks off while he takes it. How could he have even considered ruining this with a confession to the mission president? It’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. As he gets close to orgasm, he tells his companion to fuck him harder, and then he drops a giant white load on his belly.

Elder Buckley smiles. So much for repenting! He kisses his companion, then spreads the semen around on his belly with one of his huge hands. He stands up and jerks off, thinking about the taste and smell of his companion’s cum. He starts to breathe hard, and then cums all over his companion’s face and chest. Then he slips his sticky dick back in his hole and fucks him hard until his dick has gone soft. They’re both red in the face and sweaty.

They decide that what their priesthood leader doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

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