Straightboyz net video #051 Alec

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DescriptionThis is Alec from


I have 160+ videos ripped from this site. 13 of them with Alec (one of my favorites)

The videos from this site are extemely difficult to get because they're not downloadable and are DRM protected. So I got them by screencap software, and encoded with much the same quality you get in the site.

Take this video AS A SAMPLE FOR YOU. I choose one with only 137MB for a fast download and minimum cost for your ratio, just for your appreciation.

As I said, I have 160+ videos from this site, and I will upload most of them (by packs) only if there is good acceptance by the users of gaytorrent.

(Notice: I won't ever respond to comments, because I don't want my identity revealed. Eventually I add post-comment here in this same description zone if I had to answer to any particular question. So if you put any question keep this page for I may answer to you here)

Sorry for have insisted on positive comments before. That's because  these particular videos cost me some amount of work.
I will upload around 1~2 GB packs each time (once or twice a week). For not miss any just do regular searchs by "SBZ" keyword.
Sorry. I do not attend particular requests. I'll have my own criteria and I will igore any request in comment box. You'll have to wait for the specific vid you want in due time. That's because requesting interferes with my organizing and gives me extra amount of work I dont't be able to deal with. Also it usually unbenefits other tenths of users.

I'm glad to announce I will start upload 10 MB packs, seven packs in total, 173 vids in total. Order is more or less random. So, no need for negative comments concerning my strategy, ok? Packs will be delivered, one by one, in them you can download everything or part of it.
So, if the specific video you are requesting is among these 173, you only have to wait for it. If it isnt in those 173, its because I don't have it. You will know which videos are. Ill add a PDF file in the packs with that info and also the trackings.
PS: I notice somenone have been uploading videos of SBZ as well. I just want to tell you that they aren't mine. Mine will be 10 MB packs, as I said.

Day expected for the first pack deliverance: 17-May

Added2015-05-11 19:09:37
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