All Worlds - Motel Sex #2

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In "Motel Sex 2" (2007), Hunky Jude Collin and his partner Dean Campbell run this no-tell motel where off-duty servicemen get serviced on a regular basis.

In the opener, lanky Derek gets lucky with ultra-hung surfer dude Calvin Kelly. Calvin's cute face, although partially obscured by his shaggy hair, is adorable, which is good because he does no more than watch while Dean shows up to suck and fuck Derek (well, actually to fix the TV, but we all know that old gambit). The three dudes stroke off in unison to end the scene.

Jude takes a little verbal abuse from Dean about not doing his job right, which seems a little unfair after Dean has just gotten his rocks off with the guests. It must be hard finding good help who also want to suck your dick.

Meanwhile, a three-way is going on in another room with Kayden Pierce, David Daniels and Skyler Wells. The dudes do a daisy-chain suck to get things heated up, and that turns into Kayden's hot booty getting fucked hard. David creams Skyler's body with a big load at the end of the scene.

Next, the action moves to another room where an off-screen voice is showing a porn newbie the ropes. As the uncut twink, Scott Cove, is definitely impressively hung, but the deviation from the production's overall storytelling is kind of weird. Anyway, the disembodied voice finds a playmate for Scott, a dog-tagged and tattooed dude named Shane, and Shane valiantly gives it his all as he 69s with Scott and then sucks his dick solo. Scott then rides Shane's cock, bouncing on the meat happily, while his big pole sways in front of his belly. They end with Scott cumming while he's riding Shane, and then Shane pops.

The finale brings back Dean and also gets Jude out of his gear, so that the pair can play with bottom Mario. Mario happily takes care of both tops, getting his ass plowed by Dean while he sucks Jude, and then when Dean shoots and leaves, opening his hole for Jude. Jude has a beautiful cock, thick, long and straight, and it slides in and out of Mario's ass easily. Mario blows his load while he's sitting on Jude's dick, a big blast that lands on Jude's hairy thigh. Then Mario assists as Jude brings himself to orgasm by practically standing on his head and aiming at his own face. The dollops of cum sprinkle across the handsome puss and then he manages to lick some off the head of his cock.

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