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Fistpack 2: Ass Masters

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DescriptionI’ve sat through many fisting videos, and I’ve got to admit, I’m so fucking bored of them! Once, the idea was dirty and unspeakable (“You mean people actually get hands up there?” I’d ask like a wide eyed innocent.) Now having sat through at least twenty-four of the buggers I’ve got to admit that they’ve lost their charm. And good gravy - they can be so tedious. Usually in these titles once the fist is actually up there it’s very difficult to keep the eroticism going. Wayland Flowers and Madame at least told jokes.

I’m happy to announce that this Raging Stallion entry is a non-stop roller-coaster of pig passion and raunch-a-rama. An excitement filled marathon of butt-busting Handballing Hotties that’ll leave you gasping. However, I’m afraid to say I’ve not seen the first of the Fistpacks, but on paper and trailers it seems to grind this one under its jackbooted heel.

It’s all very simplistic and plotless - but that’s the charm. Start with a close-up of a vat of Crisco and you know you’re in the right territory. Enter Morales, who teases us with his butt, slowly fingering himself before the unseen “Ass Master” takes over, rubbing what looks like a can of Campbell’s Condensed all over his soon to be stretched sphincter. And the music is great. The Master works his way inside the Latino’s hole with great care and patience before once sufficiently pliable, punchfucks him in loving close-up. And that lubricant slops everywhere, but Morales plays it strong and silent.

After leaving Morales a shadow of his former self, cut to the fabulous Vista deepthroating the mega prick of Serrano in a hot scene that leads to some very controversial footage bound to put many people into a tizzy. Vista’s hole is teased by the unprotected inches of Serrano’s weapon, a few times getting dangerously close to actual penetration. This dip-the-wick sequence also includes some very heavy wet kissing and tongue fucking and is guaranteed to get your cock rock hard and your heart ready to burst. And Vista has those expressive eyes that possess the innocent sparkle of a child.

There’s the essential element of trust on display here, Vista never afraid to stop or slow down the experience if it gets too uncomfortable or near the knuckle (so to speak). Serrano works his fingers inside Vista, culminating with his entire fist. Once the groundwork has been prepared (so to speak) Serraro hands over the fisting duties to Jammer and proceeds to tease Vista’s mouth with that mega cock before shooting over his face and chest, rubbing it in as Vista, driven insane by the expert fist session given by Jammer, noisily jolts his own load that Jammer and Serrano lovingly feed him.

We are back with Latin heart-throb Morales, his off-screen time a chance to recover, no doubt after all he went through earlier. Still, he’s eager to test out the elasticity of his sphincter once more as he works both his thick cock and impressive bottom-eye in a sequence that will make you wet your pants with delight. But what’s this? Along comes Vacarro diving straight for that hole and trying to stick his entire face up there, not coming back up till he’s wearing an ass-moustache. I’ve just noticed that Vacarro’s sexy nose could probably make a half-decent buttplug itself.

The hairy hunk stretches his buddy’s manhole with a big black dildo that glistens with the lube before working his hand into that chico box of delights. Morales, who stays eternally hard throughout the experience, can only lie back and enjoy the work of the Ass Maestro.

Jammer proves that if you’re gonna give it, you’d better be able to take it too, this time from hunky Serraro who’s obviously had some tutelage from the Masters of the Arse Art. Shame that Jammer's balls are huge and shaved and just plain weird looking. They look like someone dropped a few rashers of turkey ham into his lap.

Right next to them are the even hotter Vista and Vacarro, who is rubbering up ready to give Vista a ride he won’t forget in a worry. Once inside Vacarro hits Warp Speed, thrusting in and out so quick he’s likely to start a fire and Vista’s eyes pop out on stalks. I bet the director kept shouting: “Just keep doing that thing with your eyes!” As the four studs work each other to a climax they get off on watching each other’s performances. When Vista, still doing his Bambi impression, lets rip with a Mount Vesuvius eruption of joyjuice everyone joins him, creating one loud sweat-coated spoogefest that’ll make you cry with passion.

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