[Coat West] Luxe 2

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DescriptionWoo! Luxe II!
First scene is Hikaru giving us a tour of his home. It looks like the average rented room of a college student. He shows us his bathroom where he takes a piss then goes to the mirror to show off his rock hard muscles. After that he sits down and masturbates for us, Hikaru is quite the showman and itÂ’s clear why he left coat west to become a model. Lol

Next up, Sho gives us a tour of his home which is covered in stitch! Lol yup from Lilo and Stitch. He says people buy them for him because they think he looks like stitch. Now thatÂ’s all I see when I look at Sho. He does an Elmo impersonation for us as well which was adorable. Then he shows us some lube that was gifted to him before masturbating for us. Sho always has a pretty hard time masturbating. He says he doesnÂ’t do it much (you can tell) and would just prefer to have sex.

Next is Sho, Nagi, and Hikaru covered in lube and playing with each other. Its fun to watch, what ever they hump feels good, so theyÂ’re rubbing their cocks on each others legs, backs, and arms, that is, when theyÂ’re not fucking. Also, its worth staying around until the end of the film to watch bloopers of the boys slipping around uncontrollably while trying to have sex! Lmao!

Next scene is Sho being a master to his slave Hikaru. Great scene, they both really get into it.

Last is a standard threesome with, you guessed it, Sho, Nagi, and Hikaru. Lol

Ending the film are the outtakes, and behind the scenes moments. Totally worth watching! (piss warning)

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