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What happens at the end of this fight, already the title of this film says. As we chased a Momo a huge scare when he suddenly became unconscious in Bubu Scissor. He was to blame even a little, for he would have to give up sooner. But as tough as he is now times, he wanted to hold out until the bitter end. Bubu, who had to leave a few feathers in the fight against Momo previously was annoyed. Momo had repeatedly tried to free herself from his attacks and did not flinch from Crotch Abuse. For the young Albanians a no-go. In addition, he had it against the larger, heavier and more experienced Momo also not easy and had to give up quite often. So he packed all his strength at the end of the fight. And when he had his opponent in the leg scissors, there was no mercy for Momo. Bad for Momo. And it had started so well for him. Actually, the film was titled: young against old! Momo wanted the youngster, who had won so many battles against his contemporary colleagues, this afternoon to show how it's done. And at first it looked good for him. While also Bubu went right from the start with no holds barred to work, but Momo was unrestrained. He tears Bubu's jeans, it goes to the laundry, so there are a lot here to see even for fans of Nude Fighting :-) Bubu is moved from Momo in positions that are very painful for him. In no fight before have we heard screaming so Bubu. The harder he fights against Momo, if he lands a trick. Long Holds Change here with extremely fast actions. Actually, this movie would have fit well in our series "Real Hard Scissors". But we appeared above the selected title then still appropriate. But both fighters keep choosing her leg scissors to the opponent to put out of action , with success! Last but not least we would like to write that it Momo now again goes reasonably well. He will be operational again in a few weeks. And hopefully it will be a lesson to early to give up, before it gets too tight for him.
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