Bound in Public 2013-Collection 1

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Description27448-The Victim Game-John Jammen-BIP doms turn on one of their own-1_00_06

Sebastian told the guys that he'd have a friend meet up with them in the cruising bathroom but after half an hour of boredom there's no one to be seen. Not wanting to leave empty handed they decide to play the game "victim" and John Jammen guesses the wrong number. Unwilling to be the bitch John fights but the guys take him down and make him suck them off. With hard cocks they piss all over his face and body. In the glory hole toilet stall they shove multiple cocks in his mouth and make him jack them off. John gets thrown out on to the floor and gets his ass fucked by guy after guy while begging for mercy and getting pissed on some more. By the end of the day he's grateful to receive everyone's load.

27449-Doms turn on one of their own in the victim game Part 2-Will Jasper-1_07_03

John Jammen was the first victim in the victim game and after seeing what he went through Will Jasper jumped in at the end to defend his buddy. You don't stand up for the victim in this game, that's against the rules, so the tables turn on Will and before he knows it he's getting cock shoved in his mouth. From the bathroom they drag him to the showers and have strangers dildo fuck his ass. He begs for mercy as Brenn Wyson fucks the hell out of him and with a mouthful of cock he's pissed on and belted. They suspend Will from the showers and fuck his ass some more then throw him in a tub where they dunk him and blow their loads all over him. What a great group of friends after all.

29805-Ripped stud is made to play spin the bottle BIP style-Connor Patricks-46_40

Straight stud Connor Patricks was taken down in the bathroom for being an angry prude while his unsuspecting girlfriend waits outside. He's dragged over to the urinals where the crowd holds him down to give him a swirly. The straight stud gasps for air as the guys each take turns fucking his hole. Everyone lines up in the stalls for their turn at the whore's mouth. One by one Connor is made to service the crowd as he's surrounded by cock. The guys gather around for a little game of spin the bottle, BIP style. As the bottle spins Connor is made to eat ass or shove a foot down his throat. The straight stud is suspended with his ass open for everyone to use. The horny crowd takes turns fucking both of his holes before showering him in cum and washing him off with all their piss. Connor is covered in piss, beer and toilet paper as he stumbles out of the bathroom to search for his long awaiting girlfriend

29924-Lockup, Cell Extraction & Prison Gang Fuck-Jeremy Stevens-48_41

In this epic BIP episode: The cells are full of loud, horny prisoners and every officer is keeping watch. A new troublesome inmate, Jeremy Stevens, is brought in. Jeremy is told to remove his clothes and spread his legs for the strip search. The officers check his hairy pink hole for any contraband or weapons. Once he is cleared, the warden informs the officers that Jeremy is a "high-risk" sex offender, and should be held in solitary confinement. Jeremy becomes enraged, stripping down to his underwear, tearing apart his cell and when the guards yell at him he throws his bucket of piss right in their faces. Immediately the officers put on their riot gear and prepare for cell extraction. Jeremy is wrestled down and made to suck cock, gasping for air from one cock to the next. Jeremy is fucked by one of his fellow inmates while the officers pin him down. Cocks are lined up the stairway as the guards each fuck the prisoners mouth all the way down his throat. The guards then take turns fucking his tight hole one more time before blowing their loads all over his face and muscled body

29925-Lockup, Cell Extraction & Prison Gang Fuck 2-Jeremy Stevens-54_52

The officers of the prison line their asses up as the new prisoner Jeremy Stevens is made to eat their hairy holes. With his face is shoved into one of the asses, Jeremy bites down on the officer's cheek. The guard becomes enraged and gathers the guards together to drag the prisoner off to the padded cell. Blindfolded and bound in a straight jacket, the guards push and shove the inmate around the room. They pin him against the wall and take turns sucking and edging Jeremy's exposed cock. Jeremy is bent over and made to suck cock while the officers flog his muscle ass. The guards take turns fucking both of Jeremy's holes all over the cell. Jeremy is begging mercy and no more cocks, but the officers are restless. The cops shower him with cum and leave the defeated inmate alone in the padded cell
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