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DescriptionTHE SEDUCTION OF TONY, disc 2

Warning these videos were made around 2000 so the quality is low!

Studio: Sneek Peek Productions
Run Time: 01:56:54 
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 480 × 336, MPEG 4 High Efficiency AAC, H.264, 424kbps

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: When I spotted this young ''Italian Stallion'' he was sitting on a wall having a cigarette. After chatting with him I found out that Tony was 19 years old, 6 foot, 170 lbs, and from my city's ''Little Italy'' district. He was intrigued when I asked him if he wanted to audition to be in some straight porno movie I was producing so he agreed to come back to my pad for an interview. 3 years and 6 volumes later TONY has become one of Sneek Peek's most popular performers! In these five sizzling scenes you'll see how this cocky straight bad ass goes from letting me suck his cock to sucking on my fat cock to letting me try to fuck him! Includes a BONUS montage of CUMSHOTS from all of TONY's 24 scenes. Lots of sexy conversation, deep-throat blow jobs, facials, warm creamy loads, cum-eating and more! Includes previously released scenes and clips from SPP05 STR8 LOADS 3:TONY, SPP10 TONY: THE NEXT LEVEL, SPP14 BEST OF TONY, SPP27 TONY UNLEASHED, SPP32 TONY: THE EARLY YEARS and SPP48 TONY: THE LOST EPISODES

DISC 2: 15 Minutes of Fame
It's been a while since I've seen my favorite Soprano guy Tony. When I set him up on the sofa he sees himself in the camera view screen and starts posing and flexing - he likes what he sees - and so do we! His cock seems particularly hard this time (he hasn't busted in over a week) so after I suck on it for a while I take out my own hard cock and start rubbing it up against his our first cock fight! Of course it doesn't take long for him to bust out a killer nut! Viva Italia!

Hidden Camera
On this late night visit Tony's extra horny because he hasn't had his dick sucked in a couple weeks and doesn't think the camera is on. After I polish his knob for a while he lets me lick his balls and ass and of course by this time Mr. Bill is dying to make an appearance! Tony caresses and sucks my big cock going almost all the way down on it and then jerks me off all over his chest. Tony kneels on the bed, makes me suck his cock and then blows a huge load down my throat. Tony's cleans up and is ready to dash, but not before noticing that the camera really was on!

I Can't Believe You Ate the Whole Thing
Several months later Tony show up for some expert servicing and as soon as his cock hardens he forgets the cameras on. Tony seems surprised when I'm able to take his whole piece right down to the base and his cock gets as hard as it's ever been as he intently watches me licking his balls and munching on his ass. When he grabs my head and pushes it down on his cock we get some classic Tony faces and I squeeze out as much tasty pre-cum as I can before he explodes all over my face. This is as hot as it gets!

Pleasure & Pain
Tony has been in the big house for several months on an assault charge and the day after his release he contacts me. When he gets settled I begin chowing down on his hard cock but Tony seems more interested in my growing bulge so he begins blowing me as he jerks himself off. I ask him if he's ever been fucked before and Tony says, ''No, but I'm willing to try if it fits in there.'' I lube up my cock and after a few failed attempts to penetrate (it's so hot how he looks up at me!) my cock head finally pops in and Tony exclaims, ''That Hurt! Wow!'' so I pull out and Tony says, ''I'll have to work on that!'' He plays with a penis pump for a while and then he leans back for some more servicing and soon he's exploding in my mouth. With a little practice and some TLC Tony will soon be good-to-go!

24 clips from all 6 TONY releases. Enough baby batter to populate a country!

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