Schoolboy Crush - Shaun Ferrara Fucks Benny Argento

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From the movie Schoolboy Crush this is a great scene. Benny sees Shaun outside and hes interested so Shaun invites Benny in. they sit down and have a conversation where Benny confeses that he is a virgin and Shaun is the perfect guy to help him take it easy. they start by kissing and Shaun reaches down Bennys undies and plays with Bennys cock soon pulls it out and sucks his cock to show him how great it feels. then Shaun stands up and has Benny gets on his knees and he helps him out on how to please his cock. Soon Benny starts sucking away like he knows what hes doing already. Shaun tells Benny to get up on the bed next and bend over and spread his legs so Shaun can start licking that boy hole of his. you can tells Benny loves this is Shaun was determined to get to fuck this boy. so soon Shaun strapping on a condom after he convinces Benny hell take it easy and he starts to ease his thick cock in this tight hole. he starts slow while Benny is bent over, loosening his tight hole. he has Benny flip over on his back and Shaun holds his legs so he can get to fucking harder. its not till Benny starts moaning in pleasure cause he loving getting fucked by Shaun. So Shaun fucks Benny and eventually plows him and jerks his cock for him till he shoots his load. Next Shaun lays down and Benny sucks his cock till he shoots his load in and on Bennys mouth. Ends with a cummy wet kiss.
2015-10-01 07:37:57
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