California Dreamin' 2

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Like its predecessor, "California Dreamin' 2" could have just as easily have been called "California Creamin',” because the loads fly fast, thick and furious.

We open with a long, sensual look at the perfection that is Landon Conrad in bed, from his bulging, furry pecs to his delectable, thick meat, which he lazily strokes and teases to full erection while also teasing his hole with a finger or two. Ryan Rose arrives just in time to take full advantage of Landon's horny morning state, sharing his music and some berries with the stud before Landon goes down on Ryan's dick and eats his superb ass. That hole is juicier and riper than any berry, I promise you. Landon slides inside Ryan from behind, taking his hole deep, as Ryan loudly moans and groans, first on the kitchen countertop and later on a sofa. Close-ups of the fuck are wonderful, showing Landon's thick meat reaming out Ryan's smooth, open pucker. Landon switches it up and sits on Ryan's dick, too, riding him hard while jerking his own meat. In the end, Ryan sits on Landon's handsome face while both dudes stroke out their loads.

Ray Han and Lance Luciano hook up at a swimming pool, their lean and sculpted bodies glowing in the sun. Ray is enticed out of the water by the growing bulge in Lance's bikini, and when Lance exposes his dick and strokes it, Ray goes right down, sucking it deep. Lance then deep-throats Ray, even managing some underwater action. In the end, Lance cums on Ray's mouth and Ray continues to lick Lance's cock while shooting his cum underwater, and there's so much of it that it almost looks like a jellyfish swimming around.

Donnie Dean takes on Trenton Ducati in the scene that follows, licking that monster cock of Trenton's when it bursts out of his tiny bathing suit. Trenton then eats out and fucks Donnie's ass, drilling him hard from behind, missionary, and from underneath when Donnie sits on him. Donnie shoots while he's riding Trenton, drenching the big stud's abs with a hot load, and Trenton adds more to it when he strokes out his cum. Donnie helps Trenton out with a little clean-up action with his mouth to end the scene.

Sweaty, hot, and horny Angel Rock does a solo act in the next scene, wearing a tiny yellow swimsuit that is perfectly coordinated with his beach towel (style counts), but really I can't wait for that swimsuit to come off. When it does, Angel's big uncut cock flops out, and he grabs it with both hands, spreads his legs wide for a peek of his hairy pucker, and cums like a champ in the end, spewing a load that flies everywhere.

Ray comes back for the finale, matched up with sexy blond Liam Magnuson in a hot tub that can barely contain their sexiness. Ray uses his foot to tease Liam's cock, and then he moves in to choke down Liam's dick. Ray perches on the side of the tub and Liam eats his hole, getting it ready to be fucked from behind. Ray literally fucks himself with Liam's meat, backing up on it like the hungry bottom he is. The fuck continues with Ray on his back, and then he sits on Liam and rides him with everything he's got. Ray's eyes roll back in his head when he shoots, drenching Liam with a huge load, and then he sucks Liam until Liam can't hold back, dropping his load on his own pubes. Ray gets back down on Liam's cock for a taste of it and then kisses him to fade-out.

DVD features: Chapters; widescreen; DVD+ scenes (Kyle Becker and Mike Branson from "Current Affairs,” Luke and John Carpenter from "Ticket Home,” and Cal Jensen, Rod Phillips, and Buck Tanner from "Plunge”); trailers ("Alumni,” " Bucks County 1 + 2,” "Plays Together” and "California Dreamin' 1”); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

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