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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-01-02 |
Starring - Diesel O'Green, James Carter, Leo Domenico, Sam Barclay & Seth Knight

It’s another big, boring, board meeting and most of the staff look as though they’re loosing the will to live. Seth is leading the proceedings attended by Sam, Diesel, Leo and James. Some guys twiddle with their phones to pass the time whereas some of them are doing their best to feign interest in the weekly reports. Time for the projector but hold on, it doesn’t seem to be working? Seth tries everything to keep the meeting going but in vain he can’t get the projection to work. Reaching out onto the table he tries to manually fix it, only he can’t reach. Embarrassing but seemingly the only way, he crawls up onto the massive meeting room table to fix the device. NOW the guys seem interested, Seth’s pert little bum in his already tight pants, wiggling in the air whilst he’s busy with a tech fault. It’s not long before all the guys have noticed that they’re ALL looking at him, Seth remains oblivious. Suit trousers tighten, crotches bulge and hands start to wander. Before they know it they’re all standing around the table cocks out, hard and pointing at the office junior, lucky guy. They spin him round like a lazy Susan, shove dicks in his mouth and tongues in his arse. Shirts and shoes hit the floor and the giant board room table becomes the perfect piece of furniture to command a 5-man orgy. With so many arses to fuck and mouths to fill, maybe they should make THIS a weekly occurrence instead?

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