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♺ JD Cadinot's Aime Comme Minet (All of Me, 1982)

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"Aime Comme Minet/All of Me" doesn't quite live up to the later stuff from JD Cadinot, the master of erotic hardcore. But this film certainly hints at what was to come in future works. Cadinot model Pierre Buisson is the centerpiece of the film. Buisson sprawls out on an antique leather couch and recounts to a photographer, his past sexual experiences, as the viewer sees it all in flashback sequences. Observant viewers will notice that the model is noticeably younger in the flashback sequences. For this film Cadinot used a technique that has never been employed in the history of hardcore cinema; he filmed the "flashback sequences" and than put them away in his vault, for two years. After this time he called back Buisson to do the interview footage, knowing that he would be noticeably more grown-up looking compared to the way he appears in his recollections. Two years in the making, this technique lends an amazingly personal and realistic feeling to this otherwise simple film. "All of Me" also features a very early appearance by Luigi diComo, who would become a regular in many subsequent Cadinot films. but it is Pierre Buisson who is the star, and this model possesses an almost indescribable sexual quality, appearing extremely seductive and very innocent at once. He poses with the grace of a panther in heat, and he appears to love the attention of the camera, like no other model Cadinot has used. Flashbacks include a double rape, in the back of a bake shop, which is supposedly the boys first sexual experience. (Of course he ends up enjoying it.) Later he discusses an experience he had with a school friend, (Luigi DiComo) in the stairwell of an apartment building. Again he is dominated by Luigi's character. Finally Buisson meets an older man in a public toilet, where he plays the dominant role for the first time. the action constantly shifts back to Pierre, posing nude and masturbating on the couch, while the photographer listens to his erotic stories. This is an extremely rare title, worth tracking down for Cadinot fans. Pierre Buisson worked again with the director in "Les Minet sauvage" and was meant to play the lead in that seminal hardcore film, but a drug addiction rendered him unreliable and he was relegated to a smaller role. Buisson sadly died from a heroin overdose, but these strange and artistic films have immortalized this actor's beauty for all-time.
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