Platoon Party 2

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Platoon Party 2

Cast: Craig, Kent, Shane, Zerek
Director: Pink Flamingo
Runtime: 01:23:40
Format: mp4

Description: Favorites Kent and Craig return, plus an 'unknown soldier' takes on the entire platoon! A Note From Dink ... What we have here is one of the craziest nights ever filmed around Active Duty's base of operations. Kent (from Rock Hard Regiment 2) called me up and said he wanted to try getting fucked by another guy ... but he didn't want to suck any dick. But he later changes his mind about sucking cock. Well, the same week, Craig (from Enlusted Soldiers 2 and Platoon Party 1) called up and said he was ready to make a comeback. This video is one hell of a ride. We all get together and just party at first, but the party soon turns into a fuckfest and later in the evening, Luke brings over a new recruit that thinks he's just gonna do a solo video, but the other troops (and myself) have another plan for our cute newcomer and the boys plow their way through his virginity and make him a boner-fide bottom slut. If you can't take men being me and rough talk and language, then you'll wanna pass on this video. It's as raw and intense as it gets. All in all, Shane, Kent Luke, Craig, Zerek and our unknown soldier make for one hell of Platoon Party!

2021-11-26 19:07:45
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