♺ AAM - All American Military Pack - Part II

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-11-08 |
OK, a little information about these collections...

The first collection are .mov formats the second colletion are avi/wmv.

Try as I may, I could not make decent conversions of the 4 .MOV files
here without the sound completely messed up from the video, sorry guys,
but after my 4th attempt and 4th program tried that supposedly converts
.mov files to mpg or avi failing, I gave up.
They play fine on Quicktime Player no problem.

There are 4 more files here that are avi/wmv: "Fuck You, Cum Gag"
(who names this stuff?) and the 3 part "Soldier Boy" series are wmvs.

There is something really hot about these amateur videos and
All American Military.com vids are super hard to find on share sites.

If anyone of you has a few, please don't hold back. :)
PS- Looking for anything with Cisco in it for example.

*Below are the closest descriptions I could find on their unbelievably
fucked up/poorly designed/woefully out of date site.

Have a great time guys...:)

Part II

Soldier Boy parts: 1-3 Straight No More
Gay for pay gets it on with Zack and goes a lot farther than a standard hand-job and
loves it.

Fuck You, Cum Gag (Really?? :))
Soldiers talk rough and fuck rough. These military men are no different.
In the heat of battle they are unforgiving and in the sack they are less l
unlikely to show mercy. With their bodies on fire and their dicks fully
charged the man willing to take on the ruthless sexual attack is a brave
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