Hadyn Taggert files by Jumbod

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    Hi guys, nice to see you again.  Since posting here last, I've collected a bunch of great files featuring the Amazing "Hadyn Taggert" which are just too good not to share.  So, included are five (5) Hot Taggert clips from ManifestMen in H.D. … they are …….

1.  Hadyn Taggert - Behind The Scenes by Jumbod

2.  Hadyn Taggert - Behind The Scenes-2 by Jumbod

3.  Hadyn Taggert - Solo by Jumbod

4.  Hadyn Taggert - Studio 1010 by Jumbod

5.  Hadyn Taggert in The Audition by Jumbod

6.  I also included his pic sets from MM +++ … about 225 in 5 folders

    I've uploaded two storyboards and a Hot teaser pic, but you can be sure that the other clips are all just as hot as what you can see.  Enjoy … cheers … !

P. S. - the pic zip is NOT password protected … so if you can't open it for any reason just use another opener … I hear winzip is cool for PCs … L8R
2010-09-28 22:01:21
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