IrmaosDotados: Ricardo Xtreme & Thiago Cavalao - Plumber's Tool (1080p)

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Ricardo Xtreme is having some problems with the plumbing in his apartment and he urgently needs help. He calls the plumbing service near his home and arranges for a professional plumber to visit to solve his problem. Some time later, Thiago Cavalao arrives at Ricardo's apartment and goes to the place where the water leak problem is occurring. While the plumber is lying down trying to solve the problem of water leaking from the sink, Ricardo is impressed by the pack on Thiago's pants. Ricardo decides to go take a shower and leaves Thiago free to solve the plumbing problem, meanwhile, the nasty just returns wrapped in a towel, insinuating himself to Thiago, who can't resist Ricardo's hot body. Ricardo asks how much the service will cost him, but he doesn't like the price very much and tries to negotiate with Thiago a fair price so that it doesn't get too expensive to pay. Thiago gives Ricardo a suggestion that he answers without thinking twice and falls flat on the plumber's cock. Thiago loves to feel Ricardo's hot mouth sucking his big, thick cock and can't resist the lust of the moment. Ricardo is on dog position so that Thiago begins to penetrate his ass with his huge cock making the nasty moan with lust. Ricardo loves to feel the plumber's huge cock in and out of his yummy ass and goes crazy with lust. To get a discount, Ricardo does whatever it takes. "Plumber's Tool" marks the return of actor Thiago Cavalao to porn and will make you feel horny to see him penetrating Ricardo Xtreme's ass with his huge cock.
2021-11-14 12:12:48
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