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Raging Stallion - Muscle & Ink

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DescriptionAn erotic homage to muscled up tattooed men. In his first solodirecting project, Steve Cruz ditches the elaborate set and setup andgets right to the business of passionate man on man sex.

1. Out the gate this movie burns hot and practically explodes with thisincendiary pairing of super star power top Alexsander Freitas andDamian Dragon. The chemistry is instant as the two kiss deep andpassionately on a metal framed bed. Kissing turns to body worship,and with a body like Freitas- a ripped perfect chiseled six pack linedwith fur. Dragon's body is a work of art, head to toe, an ink mural inthe Japanese style. The passion quickly rises to a sweltering heat ascock hungry Dragon services Freitas fat uncut Brazilian meat. Freitas'a true top quickly takes over and face fucks Dragon as every muscleconvulses with pleasure and control. Bathed in sweat, its not longbefore Freitas has taken his man and bent him over into submissionplunging deeper and deeper into Dragon's ass. Freitas is a musclebound fuck machine and he proves his power and dominance in thisscene. Position after position he thrusts with jack hammer precisionand maniacal force as Dragon opens up into total sumission. In theend Damian is on his back taking every solid inch of Freitas' tattooedfury until both explode their thick milky loads on Dragon's prolific bodyof ink. Minute for minute is some of the most powerful fucking we'vefilmed in years, your rewind button will be extra greasy as youscramble for the action replay!

2. Sexy punk Drake Jaden stares longingly at hung dark stallion,Santino Vega. Drake stands naked below Vega, who has alreadyunsheathed his massive tool from his baggy jeans . Standing atattention his cock commands Jaden to come over and get right tobusiness. And there is a lot of business to attend to with Vega,servicing his monster tool is no easy feat. Like a true cock loving pig,Drake shows he has the skills to swallow inch after inch afterthrobbing inch. The pair are well matched in energy and in beautifulcontrast. Vega's sleek brown inked skin driving deep into Jaden'ssmooth pink flesh. Pink flesh that makes a perfect canvas for the fullspectrum of Drakes' punk rock ink. Vega doesn't waste a minute!Soon he has his boy dominated and is thrusting him wide open withevery throbbing inch of his long, thick cock. He takes command andhas Drake yelling for more, twisting his legs apart to get to the juicypink center. He drives it deeper and deeper until both men blow theirmassive loads!

3. The fires of passion burn hot and steady between inked up big dickedwhite boys Johnny Gunn and Christian Wilde. These sexy cocksuckers prove that not sex has to be pounding and aggressive to behot and engaging. Another well matched pairing, both men aresensual, turning fire to steam heat! Johnny takes his time as hedevours and deep throats Christian inching his way down further andfurther around his thick warm longneck. Wilde loves every minute aspools of drool and spit glide down his shaft in a thick sream-- anddown his juicy balls as it drips right on to the lens. Both men are rockhard every second as they swap roles and soon Christian is on hisknees in front of Johnny's big cock. Passions heat up steady asJohnny takes a seat right in Christian's lap. Johnny bounces andglides on Christian's greasy shaft, whipping his hips and ass musclesto clench with every pump of pleasure. The camera gets right in theretaking you right up into the point of insertion! Christian takes totalcontrol pumping him from behind and showing off his length like atrue performer. But Johnny takes some of that control back as powerbottoms do. Johnny is capable, at times you can see his quivering assmuscles literally swallow Christian's cock inch by succulent inch.Soon Johnny is on his back kicking and humping his top until bothfuckers unleash their liquid ecstasy!

4. Adam Killian is a colossal performer, dark handsome features, hisinked body is perfection for fans of dark and hairy men. Golden boyScott Tanner is in the shadows watching and waiting until he gets thesignal to approach- and then sparks ignite! It is clear from thebeginning these men mean business and energy never wanes. A trulyversatile scene these two are evenly matched and give as good asthey get. Devouring cock with equal intensity, first Scott Tanner takesAdam's thick meat and devours it with fervor driving Adam intomoaning ecstasy. Then its Scott's turn to push Adam down on hisknees. Adam slurps and spits and chokes on Scott Tanner's big fatcock until his throat finally submits. This is no holds barred when itcomes to fuckin'! Adam is first to flip Scott Tanner and make a piggysqueal! All the while slapping it, commanding it and leaving Tannerwailing bent over a suspended St Andrews Cross-- but he takes it likea champ and begs for more! When Scott takes over he's perhaps alittle more kind, rimming that sweet tight brown ass and openingAdam Killian up to receive the loins share. A rare treat for fans ofrimming. Once open and ready he rams his big white cock all the waydeep inside Adam and gives him such an intense pounding that werealize the rimming may have been more selfish on Scott's part. Atrue ass jockey he does not hold back, fucking Adams tight hole andblowing his load all over his meaty thighs. Adam returns the gestureby pushing Tanner down on all fours and giving him a huge loadedmilky facial.

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