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Cameron Matthews vs Donnie Drak, vs Shayn Layne

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DescriptionCameron Matthews vs Donnie Drake

This explosive match comes from the BG East Vault, when Cameron Matthews was at his babyface peak. He went on to become one of the biggest wrestling stars in the business, but this is the match that showed him just how painful that journey might be. And Donnie Drake would go on to become one of the most notorious heels on the scene, but not before he faced some truly vicious opponents of his own. A blast from the past, this is the match that helped shape these two into the wrestling icons they would become. And given the rules of this match, it's no wonder it would leave such a lasting impact!

Of all BG East's many diverse Series, none are as hard-hitting or brutal as our Last Man Standing contests. The only way to win the match is to secure a slow count of ten as your opponent lays utterly destroyed and unconscious at your feet. There are no rules, no refs, and no way out other than the most definitive of victories. Featuring two of BGE's most prolific wrestlers, with more than 50 matches between them (and they both belong to the incredibly rare Double-Spotlight Series club, the highest honor at BGE), this is the perfect match to determine which of these Superstars is superior in the ring.

Cameron is warming up in the ring, wearing red gear that is so shear it's nearly see-through! Donnie walks in and then nearly walks out, not able to believe The Boss threw someone like Matthews his way. "Have you even won one match here?" As Donnie's walking for the door, Cameron opens a can of worms he may soon regret when he offers to do any kind of match Donnie wants, something too tempting for Donnie to pass up. "Since I want to inflict the most damage on you possible, how about a Last Man Standing match?" Cameron is a bit shaken but he can't back down now. Donnie asks to shake on it, luring the gullible Cameron right into a vicious knee to the gut! Last Man Standing has no rules, so anything is fair game!

From there, the match doesn't slow down for a second. Even for a Last Man Standing match, things get insanely brutal. Within minutes, both opponents are marked up from furious blows and chops. Donnie forces Cameron into a game of Mercy, but neither man will give, locking hands for an insane chain of reversals that showcases Cameron's agility and Donnie's power. But Donnie's strength leads the way as he flings Cameron around the ring before throwing him up into the air and nailing a vicious clothesline before he lands.

A suplex from Donnie throws Cameron outside the ring before another suplex gets him back in, before spilling back outside AGAIN! Donnie continues tossing Matthews around like a ragdoll, but Cameron valiantly fights back every time it looks like he might be done for. And when Cameron launches his own attacks, they leave the viewer breathless, like leaping from the top rope and using the rafters to lock-on a hanging headscissors! The hits Cameron takes from Donnie are just as impressive, whether they are jumping piledrivers, head-spinning clotheslines, or back-body drops from outside the ring. And because it's a No Rules, Last Man Standing match, the number of dirty hits, low blows, wedgies and fishhooks in the mouth are astonishing!

This incredibly savage match from the formative early days of Cameron Matthews and Donnie Drake can't be missed! If you're a fan of wrestling that you absolutely know hurts, of pain being dished out at a non-stop pace, of watching the faces of wrestlers you love contort in agony, you will LOVE this match. The brutal and sudden end of the match will completely catch you off guard and wanting more!
Cameron Matthews vs Shayn Layne

Cameron Matthews is one of the newer kids on the BGEast block - a sexy and skilled youngster with an insatiable appetite for ring action, pro and private. He'll try anything and he'll wrestle anyone - regardless of size, skill or age. He wants to be the best, and will do whatever he has to do to get there. "I don't want easy matches," he said when asking for another shot at Shayn Layne after he and his tag partner Paul Hudson were demolished by Layne and his partner. "You don't learn anything from the easy ones. Let me have another shot at the big guy!"

And certainly Shayn Layne is no one's idea of an easy opponent. Surly and arrogant, his concept of wrestling has nothing to do with skill - it's all about destruction. His ego is not satisfied unless his opponent is left a broken mess in the middle of the ring when it's over - and the idea of a rematch put a nasty gleam in his eye.

Mistake #1: As the two warm up before the match, Cameron gets a little restless as Shayn climbs into the ring. "Are you ready yet?" Cameron demands, stepping in front of the mirror as Shayn admires his freshly pumped muscles. "Don't ever get in between me and the mirror, boy," Shayn snaps. Mistake #2: Cameron turns his back on his ring-hardened opponent!.........
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