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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-16 |
Just posted this elsewhere so I thought I'd share it here. Not HD but reasonable quality. 'Hunks' is maybe too strong but the categories here are not subtle

"Blake Harper, Hans Ebson, Scott Lyons, Gabe Rivers, Gregg Rockwell, Jeremy Tucker, and in a non-sexual role Mickey Skee

Make way for something very rare. Devil is a Bottom is a skin flick that is contains a decent story, scads of humor, and great sex. I know what you are thinking but it is true, this movie is funny while totally arousing. Boasting a great cast of veterans (Harper and Lyons) and soon to be vets (Tucker, who seems to be everywhere these days), Devil is a Bottom is more than your average fuck-flick.
Here's a quick run-down of the action:

Three cute boys are playing a dangerous game of "Mary Worth" one night when the devil himself (Harper, looking a lot like the fortune teller booth machination in the mainstream flick Big) appears in their mirror. The boys (Ebson, Lyons, and Tucker) make a pact with the devil: each will have his wish granted if he sells his soul to you know who. Each guy makes his wish and they comically come true.

Lyons wishes for a big dick and is pleasantly surprised to wake up the next morning with about a foot of wood. Tucker wants money and bang - he is rich. Ebson wants to find true love, and after a slight debacle with a potion, he finds it. Don’t fast forward through these scenes: the one liners are actually laugh out loud funny!

Each guy experiments with his new found freedom, which involves a few separate sex scenes that are well done. Later, Harper appears again as the devil to collect his end of the bargain: it seems the devil is indeed a bottom. A nice orgy ensues with Harper and the three wish boys. Once all have cum, guess who shows up? If you guessed porn critic Mickey Skee as the big J.C. you were right. Again, there are plenty of funny lines before the film fades to black.

Tucker is a gorgeous creature with a nice piece who seems to thoroughly enjoy himself, whether having his tool worshipped or sucking off one of the other dudes. Lyons’ big dick more than makes up for his homogenized looks, and he does a nice job of showing us the magic of waking up one morning with a tent pole for a dick. Ebson is also a great sexual performer, even if his line delivery is a bit tough to decipher.

All in all, this flick lives up to it's reputation in all areas: it's funny, sexy, hot and worth watching from beginning to end!

Bud Light 2000"

PS This was posted here quite a while ago but as a .rmvb file
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