Bal Ami Dolph Lambert

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This is a collection of Bel Ami Kinkey Angels Dolph Lambert. Aside from being hot and cute, his personality comes through here showing that he is also a fun, sweet, and charismatic.

The Files are:

Jean Daniel and Dolph  1.73GB avi
Kris and Dolph  1.47GB avi
Tod and Dolph  2.09GB avi
Dolph in Kinky Angels  812MB MPEG-4
The Private Life of Dolph Lambert  2.09GB avi

Dolph Lambert and Kevin Warhol Flip 686MB MPEG-4
Dolph Lambert and Kevin Warhol Flop  839MB MPEG-4
2015-09-19 23:19:24
9.06 GB (9,723,065,718 bytes)
7 files